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Thread: Cheat Codes and Other Console Stuff

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    Nvm I could open it again!

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    Stop Wranglers from fucking

    Any cheat or command that stops wranglers from initiating sex with da girls? Yes, i'm a selfish prick ;P

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    can, someone make character mod into orc?

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    Orc mod? do you mean make main character an orc? check this:
    I love redheads & killing zombies!

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    hello !

    sorry for disturbing but how enter the cheat code ? anybody can explain to me plz ? (i'm french sorry for the english)

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    i press shift and ~ but any console to enter the code in wiew ^^' i have a azerty it's maybe the problem ? i suppose i press shift and ~ in game ? plz anybody can explain to me ?

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    Try shift + on azerty keyboard (this work on my french azerty keyboard)

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    Hi. Prompt to me please how to change poses in game though all of them green I can not switch them, are open all but works only 1 in what business, can that that not correctly I press, and let's if eat the reference to management, or the game version such, help!

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    Press tab key.

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    You used the health cheat to beat the game on easy and normal? I am surprised you needed it to beat easy or normal.

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