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Thread: Anyway to slow or stop stamina drain?

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    Anyway to slow or stop stamina drain?

    Not enough stamina!

    By the time you click through half the positions half your stamina is gone!
    Need WAY more stamina so the scene can last longer.

    Is there a way to change this either through console command or edit a file?

    plz & thx 4 a response.
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    I have a trainer for that I made with CheatEngine, let me know if you still want it, but if you want it now, it's really simple if you have a bit of brains and look up a basic tutorial on how to use Cheat Engine. Find the code that depletes stamina, replace the code with nothing and you're done.

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    can u post this trainer?

    for bonecraft right?

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    What is the code that depletes stamina??
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