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Thread: If I revoke can I get another try?

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    Exclamation If I revoke can I get another try?

    ok so I did some crazy shit due to a problem (sexbot was gone for some reason...) and now I can't play Bonecraft anymore because I can't uninstall/reinstall the game... I'm thinking I have to revoke or some shit cuz I don't have setup.msi apparently...

    if I revoke do I still have a chance to re-enter the serial code to get my shit back? cuz I wanna play and don't want to go through the agonizing process of buying the game ALL OVER AGAIN

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    How do you revoke a license? I was thinking on putting my BC on several PC's as well in the near future because I'm getting a new PC setup.

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    it should be located start; vista the start orb scroll down to bonetown bonecraft at the bottom there should be revoke. you might need to contact support to reactivate. i think you get five times to use your serial number can't remember off hand.

    if you have a problem reinstalling on the same pc you might need a rootkit virus cleaner.
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    Thanks for the advice Fast. I'll check it out when I get home.


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