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Thread: Cheat Codes and Other Console Stuff

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    If you used those cheat codes in bonetown, you'd beat it VERY easy as long as you had maps of where to go. Bonetown was trivial to beat--- it just took time to explore. Since Bonecraft has very little exploring, and is all missions, you finish it faster. But to unlock everything in the game requires beating it on hard.

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    My point is that you used CHEAT CODES on Bonecraft. That made it easy for you to beat. Then you complain because it was easy to beat.

    I enjoyed Bonetown. But it was just a fighting and exploring game with some sex mixed in for flavor. I enjoyed Bonecraft. It was a more involved fighting game than BT, but it had very little exploring. I didn't use the cheats in either game, so I had a lot of fun. If I had used the cheats on BC, it would have been over very quickly with no challenges. Same is true of BT. If I'd used cheats, I'd have blazed through it quickly and had a lot less fun.

    You shouldn't be mad at D-Dub because you chose to cheat. You cheated yourself out of half of what the game offered--- fighting. The other half of what it offered is game sex and some humor. If you don't like its humor that left you with just the sex bits of the game to enjoy.

    Next time, I'd advise you to not cheat until you are very stuck. That way, you won't blaze through the game and be disappointed because it was so EASY to beat.

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    i have simply never been able to get the console to open, on either of my laptops. maybe im being retarded. I just downloaded the mod kit and want to get started, but i need console access. I use SHIFT ~, nothing. does anyone have any solutions, ideas, or expanation what im doing wrong?

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    plugged in a usb keyboard, and it works

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    crap now ive encountered another problem. anytime I alt tab out of Bonecraft, i can't reopen the console >: I have to completely restart them game /sigh. anyone got any ideas?

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    I am playing BoneCraft on a PC, how do I add the cheats to the game with the computer, I'm not using a console. What file do I go into to add the cheats to if so wanted?

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    Docnty,its the same cheats and same way to do it as in bonetown

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