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Thread: Fix these POV sex cam issues

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    Lightbulb Fix these POV sex cam issues

    These are some of the camera problems in Bonecraft Sex in Point of View mode

    1. Freestyle POV Cam:During POV sex, cam should be able to focus on face instead of cock. Or ability to move around and pan cam in POV without focusing anywhere like a normal head during normal game play.

    2. Fix inverted cam: For all positions in doggy-style or when the guy is behind the girl, when POV view is enabled, the girl appears inverted or upside down. So while I was expecting to see Her backside and ass from my head/eyes cam position, I dont and instead I see her backside from the opposite side where her head is located. Like I suddenly switched sides and am a third person getting blow job or something and looking down on her. Some POV mode pics are attached.
    anal doggyanaldog.jpg
    Anal pile driveanalpiledrive.jpg
    hair tughairtug.jpg
    standing butt fuck standingbuttfuck.jpg
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    Standing doggystandingdoggy.jpg

    3. Enable camera zoom out in POV sex:
    In POV mode the cam feels too close to her like my eyes are near my chin or neck. It would be great if we cam zoom into and out of the guy's head. In normal game play the camera zoom can be adjusted easily by going into options and doing the slider bar from 0 to 999% and at 0% it does feel like I am seeing out of guy's eyes. There is a default 'A' key to zoom in sex but it doesnt work. And the zoom slider in the options menu is not accessible during sex.

    Too close for comfort
    Standing standing.jpg
    Elven queen in airqueen.jpg
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    second that, i was gonna try to make a video for bonetoob but cant get a decent angle at all

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    I think it would be better if changing camera just changed the position that the camera is focused upon, so you could still move it around freely if you wanted. So basically changing the camera would just put it in a default position, and change the focus point, so you basically choose where you want to look at, and then you can change where you want to look from, if you want.

    A lot of the fixed camera positions have big clipping issues as well, as they don't work well when finishing a scene. Nice idea as an addition, but not really properly implemented.

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    boneluwer, did you "fix" POV camera problem ?

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