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Thread: New game idea: Bonequest

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    New game idea: Bonequest

    Now that you have the fantasy models, how about making a real fantasy game? You could call it "Bonequest".

    The game would be that you are a young wizard, who has summoned a small, young succubus. You can enjoy her meager talents, command her to do menial stuff for you (fly over to that roof and bring back those panties), and possibly rent her out to earn cash for your wizard school tuition (mission goals, buying new spells and abilities, etc).

    The succubus starts off very low level, and only does a couple of positions (blow job and missionary only, for instance). You have to go on quests/missions to teach her new positions (ie, spy on a young couple who do it cowgirl style 3times without disturbing them, steal the girls panties afterward each tiem, and feed them to the succubus. Then she gains (unlocks) cowgirl style). As you go on quests and missions, both her abilities and yours will grow.

    In the begining, you would get your butt beat in any fight--- but she can handle a beating (cause she heals quickly so long as her semen levels are above nothing) so you can have her beat up the lowest level thugs (allowing you to get past them to gain access to mission objectives or new areas).

    As you both level up, she can start shifting to look like other females. All you need is a pair of their panties, a bra, stockings, a hat or any other worn clothing item. So you can have missions where the two of you have to sneak into a house of a noble or rich merchant, steal a clothing item so she can look like the pretty or powerful female in the house, sneak out, and then let her get boned (earning you money/reward) or so she can then imitate the female so you can then gain access to their bank account or magic labs and steal stuff (gain another magic servant/gain new powers (spells)/strength (balls).

    As YOUR level (health reserves, ball level) goes up, you can seduce more and more resistant females. This will be handy for you (as you can use your magic power to siphon their energy so you can screw your succubus more and keep her powered up). Some quests will depend on you having sufficent level to seduce and pleasure monster girls to gain their treasures, or make them weak enough your succubus can beat them (gaining strength/capacity for her, etc).

    The game would have 3 long term stages--- as you'd gain a second and finally a third succubus before you complete your over-arching quest (ie, you end up discovering that everything is ran by a vampire queen, and if you could just weaken the vampire queen enough, you could enslave her with a spell you came across in your studies and live the life of a emporer).

    Just tossing it out there. It would be smaller than BT in size to explore, but larger than BC. It would allow the player to free roam and explore, farm ammo types (for his "spells"), and feel like an adventure as the player would slowly grow in capabilities (new spells, upgrading his succubus so she can do more, gaining the ability for her to look like any girl, gaining new succubuses, etc). Should be a hit with the adventure/explorer types that loved BT.

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    Kinda like that old school Adventure game about going to Wizarding School to impress the babes... but in this case... you're a Warlock, and you just summon a deamon chick. I like it. It would be pretty rad to actually have some of the real twisted mythology surrounding Succubus actually worked into the game too. About how they lead people to damnation and such.

    I was sorta hoping they'd add Undead chicks to BoneCraft at some point. Vampire Queens, Lich Bitch's, and Zombie Cheerleaders.


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