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Thread: Missing one damn Alien Artifact

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    Missing one damn Alien Artifact

    Wish I had kept track of where I found the ones I do have. Any sugestions for locations on harder to find ones? Are there any inside the brothel?

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    I can't get the one near the forest (the one in the tree fort). I only have 8 so far.

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    Got 12 here, are there more?

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    there is one on the ship that crashed
    there is also one in the boat on the river near the elf castle
    there is one behind the water fall (near the tree)
    there is one on the highest tower near the castle (before the bridge to get into the castle)

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    The one behind the waterfall sounds promising I am going to look for it now.

    I have 24 of 25 right now.

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    2 crystal you might miss.

    1.On the top of the ship.
    2.Behind "castle " walls

    And this is your reward for 25/25

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    Yah turned out to be behind the castle wall. 25/25 Thanks for the help.

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    Kool, an evil alien race far more advanced in technology then the Wranglers.
    Seems their adventures may only have just begun!
    I love redheads & killing zombies!

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    Hard to call Zergs advanced race :P
    If you would fight with Protoss then yea..but Zergs xD

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    Oh dayum. I have 21 right now. Gonna have to search for the other 4 now ^^

    .//edit Nice, found them all. I was actually just missing some more obvious ones scattered near the wreckage, orc village, and then the one on top the pillars near the "castle" right over the one in the boats.

    Now can I take her back to the Brothel with me? I promise she won't go on a genocidal rage. =D
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