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Thread: sexbot invisible

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    I also had the sexbot disappear after unlocking the Orc skins. It seems like it also unlocks the spots for the elf skins but since they aren't really unlocked yet it turns the sexbot invisible. There's probably more to it but that's where I first had the problem.

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    Another way to get the sexbot to re-appear for the missions when you need her is to select any other girl in the sexstore and then choose the sexbot (will be invisible), after that just click previous and your sexbot will be back with the skin of whatever girl you first chose.

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    I had the problem with the disappearing sexbot. I had both C3P-HO installed as well as RoboHo.
    Today i found the solution to this problem.

    1. I uninstalled Bonecraft.
    2. Reinstalled it.
    3. Installed only RoboHo.
    4. Sexbot does not disappear anymore.

    So maybe the problem is that you can't have both patches installed at the same time.

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    So maybe the problem is that you can't have both patches installed at the same time.
    Yes, when the game came out the admin. said download 1 or the other. NOT both.
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    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but i never installed C3P-Ho, never got her. I only had Robo-Ho installed. And I definitely just got my robotic assistant to vanish. Everything was fine during my easy mode playthrough, same during my medium missions, but about halfway through hardcore she disappeared. She used to vanish moments at a time when I cycled through random girls and then back to robo but came back as soon as I toggled the "next" arrow button once or twice, but now she has disappeared for good. Also, this may or may not be related but I noticed that right around the time these errors started popping up, the order the original metallic robo girls rotated in kept getting screwed up and overrepeated...maybe inserting the C3P-Ho and Robo-Ho models somehow fucks with the order and after a certain number of those mis-alignments, the entire line of robo models just stops displaying.

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    Quote Originally Posted by D-Dub View Post
    So we have tested this issue thoroughly and are unable to repeat it. I am going to list the things we have done and anyone with this issue, let us know what is different between what we are doing and what you are doing.

    Test 1
    1. Install Game
    2. Apply either Robo-Ho or C3P-Ho
    3. Start game and create a New Game
    4. Skip intro cinematic
    5. Quit Tutorial
    6. Skip 2nd Cinematic (Crashing on Planet)
    7. Select Difficulty
    8. Go to Sex Store
    9. Change SexBot (both with the SexBot button selected and before it is selected)
    10. Go forward and backward in changing her in the Sex Store
    11. Either exit Store, Start Mission or have sex with SexBot

    In all of the test of above we could not get SexBot to disappear. Please let us know what we are not doing to repeat this issue.
    My SexBot disappeared after I unlocked the elf models and I only installed RoboHo. The difference I noticed in comparison to your list is that I created a new game and THEN installed RoboHo. Anyway, the bug didn't occur immediately. I installed RoboHo before the altar mission, I think.

    Oh yeah, and the models or whatever there is in fantasy mode are invisible, except for the stores... just like the others wrote.

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    Same, after a while in the story SexBot just disappeared.

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    This worked for me to restore my Sexbot:

    Once this problem has happened go to the free roaming world, open the console window (Shift + ~) and type in this: setSaveInfo("CurrentSexBot", "robotChickSpecialClass");

    Press return, close the console window (Shift + ~) and go to the closest Store and go into it.

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    My sexbot dissappears after I get the orcs. She doesn't even appear in any of the cutscences. Makes doing a couple of missions impossible (the ones where she has to scan the orc statues). She does appear in fantasy mode though. Also I just have the amadalaho download.

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    I repo'd it the following way:

    I have sexbot change costumes, pick one from the new girls (not those that cycle through just on the sexbot choices), then click have sex. After having sex, the girl disappears from the screen. That is sexbot though.

    I reopen the store, see no sexbot displayed at all on the right. click a new girl, save and then that is sexbot and I can see her. I can't see any more sexbot costume only choices at all from that point forward, either. I have to pick a new girl.

    So the bug is that the software gets confused between when you are setting sexbot and having sex w/her instead of just choosing some new girl to bang (but not sexbot), I think.


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