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Thread: sexbot invisible

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    sexbot invisible

    Hi as title says I clicked the next button on the sexstore which should randomly generate the sexbot and instead she is now invisible no matter how many times i press previous or next. A restart of the game didnt help either. The only way i can seem to get her to show again is by starting a new game....

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    Same, I can't see her at all after the first mission.

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    sometimes it feels like they just don't listen to feedback i read on the forum somewhere that this was happening in beta .............. beta & they still haven't fixed it for launch i pre-order for the c3ph0 bot & after the first mission again mine vanished & i never saw her visibly again which kinda sucks. any fix on this?

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    We are looking into this issue and are unable to repeat this problem. Could you attach a console log that was created a time you were playing the game and this happened to a post under this Thread and we can see what is going wrong.
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    There is something you can do to help us figure this out.

    Once this problem has happened go to the free roaming world, open the console window (Shift + ~) and type in this: setSaveInfo("CurrentSexBot", "robotChickSpecialClass");

    Press return, close the console window (Shift + ~) and go to the closest Store and go into it.

    Let us know if your SexBot comes back.

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    Hi the Console Command worked , however once you have sex with the sexbot she goes invisible again, and you must re-enter the command to get her to show up again.
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    I'm still having issues in the fantasy garden, there are no girls even though there are lips on the map. I can in fact see the lesbian store, but when I enter sex mode it goes into a black screen that I can't exit unless I hit Alt-F4.

    I think the main issue was the Addons for the C3P-ho and the fist, and the roboho add ons.

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    Ok so I have found the girls in the tree tops, but the add ons still don't work and the robot chick is still sometimes invisible

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    So we have tested this issue thoroughly and are unable to repeat it. I am going to list the things we have done and anyone with this issue, let us know what is different between what we are doing and what you are doing.

    Test 1
    1. Install Game
    2. Apply either Robo-Ho or C3P-Ho
    3. Start game and create a New Game
    4. Skip intro cinematic
    5. Quit Tutorial
    6. Skip 2nd Cinematic (Crashing on Planet)
    7. Select Difficulty
    8. Go to Sex Store
    9. Change SexBot (both with the SexBot button selected and before it is selected)
    10. Go forward and backward in changing her in the Sex Store
    11. Either exit Store, Start Mission or have sex with SexBot

    In all of the test of above we could not get SexBot to disappear. Please let us know what we are not doing to repeat this issue.

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    My sexbot didnt go invisible until I unlocked orcs for her after you pillage the orc town, I kept clicking next on her and then she went invisible.

    On another note I am also experiencing the same bug that animedingo is having with everyone in fantasy mode being invisible, even though there are plenty of lip icons on the map. However it seems the stores are ok.


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