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Thread: game crashes on completing first mission

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    for the one that has problems to play to bonecraft with the usual errors:
    "toque memory error and error x0000005" i have found the solution
    what on my pc it has worked, you follow all the instructions:

    -Assure to have installed you "Directx 10".
    -on the file bonecraft.exe gone to compatibility mod and you select:
    "perform in resolution 640 x 480" and "perform as administrator".
    -in the options of game to put the "formulations video low",
    above all the "textures must be LOW".

    this way making the game will work well without crash and it won't slow down and
    all and three the formalities of game will depart.
    to it gave me for me the error "torque memory error" and now the game finally

    try us and make me know.
    you excuse for the English I am Italian.

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