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Thread: Still more shots

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    Still more shots

    BoneTown 2012-11-21 08-27-48-28.bmpBoneTown 2012-11-21 08-27-53-75.bmpBoneTown 2012-11-21 08-27-25-73.bmpBoneTown 2012-11-21 08-27-14-28.bmpBoneTown 2012-11-21 08-25-51-17.bmp

    Can be done by taking robot special body parts from bonecraft(C:\bonecraft\game\data\chicks\characters \textures) and rewriting the robot textures in bonetown(C:\bonetown\game\data\chicks\characters\t extures).
    Ie.- robotSpecial_Body to Chick_BodyRobo
    robotSpecial_Face to Chick_FaceRobo
    robotSpecial_Muff to Chick_MuffRobo

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    i did the same thing, but i used 003. i was playing around with things.. i still can't find how to get the special parts to work. on a positive note i did manage to get the weather to work. i now have 3 cloud movements in BoneTown. i changed some of the player faces and made new body skins.. i got Aposteriori's textures to work i had to re-tone&re-size some of them to work with my stuff(re-toned Chick_BodyDominatrix2.png to work with Aposteriori's textures. that was highly noticeable one that Aposteriori missed). i need to release the new mod soon i'll try by monday to release a new one.


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