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Thread: Win a beta copy of BoneCraft!

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    Win a beta copy of BoneCraft!

    BoneToob is hosting video contests giving the community ways to win cool prizes!

    The fourth BoneToob contest is the "Fucking, Fighting, and Getting Fucked Up" contest. Winners of this contest will receive a beta copy of BoneCraft as well as a FREE copy of the release version when it launches!

    For this contest contestants will submit their best gameplay footage of them Fucking, Fighting, and Getting Fucked Up! Submissions should be well rounded in all 3 areas, Fucking, Fighting, and Getting Fucked Up.

    View the full contest here.
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    Since the release is almost there and the price is to take part in the beta, when will you announce a winner? Or do the posted videos not fulfill your requirements? If so, some feedback would be nice.

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    Can we still enter and were the winners selected?

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    how about win a copy of both games

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