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Thread: Expanding BoneCraft/New Ideas

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    Quote Originally Posted by Korbe78 View Post
    there aren't any 'free roaming' girls because the sex is set up to work in these 'sex stores' so no having sex anywhere. now the sex scenes are set to specific spots. So no free roam girls.
    What do u mean by 'changing class'?
    changing class like for example in bonetown in wobbly H the girl is rita but i want to change it to moonshadow ill just look for the class in the mission file and change the RitaClass to MoonShadowClass

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    i hope this is still bata i will be very disappointing without free roaming sex.
    i than hope this is for development of the game engine or they come out with an update.
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    We are WAY past beta mode, it's just something new they're trying.
    I love redheads & killing zombies!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Korbe78 View Post
    We are WAY past beta mode, it's just something new they're trying.
    are you posative its not still in bata because i see that there is still alot of bugs in the game like mission 6.

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    I think it would be great if you could make his own character, for example, how you look and what gender

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    has noone wanted better camera controls. like a proper zoom and the ablility to rotate around without having the camera automatically choose the angle for you?

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    Better camera controls would be nice especially a POV that worked better.

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    I just kinda stumbled upon all this, though I knew about the game before hand and I LOVE that you have that super hottie "Amadolla-ho", as you call her, from Star Wars. PLEASE have more of her. She's got a bunch of hot costumes and there are tons of dudes she could fuck. Put alot more of her in there and I'm sure this game would get a huge boost in sales. Even more so if you put in her daughter too, "Lay-ya" or whatever you wanna call her.

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    Bonecraft/Bonecrafter needs several things to expand. I've had this game since the start... and it's pretty stagnant, even with the release of the developer tools. (Which... are pretty complicated. Professional stuff, very little appeal to your average user.)

    1. Attract professional developers. I don't expect you to change the tools... to make an easy set to use and create with. That would take a tremendous amount of work. You need people who develop porn as a hobby. Look to Offbeatr... it's loaded with porn artists, game developers, and well... porn fans. If you find a few that stun you, email them, tell them about Bonecraft... offer them a copy to get them using Bonecrafter. Having one of those celebrity artists make skins for the game will attract people. If you are still having a hard time after checking out Offbeatr... go to IMVU. IMVU is full of perverted developers... but IMVU has forgotten where thier money comes from. They have been trying to focus on a younger and younger market... all while restricting thier adult level users more and more. That, and a few abusive policies towards developers has been driving developers to other places. BE one of those places. Investigate what it would take to attract them. Maybe set up some sort of advanced microtransaction system... so people can create for your game and generate BOTH of you some cash.
    2. Microtransactions. I've enjoyed the alternate Skins you've added to the game since I've started. It's nice getting a reward for having purchased the game so early. That said.... You need to offer people alternate access to those skins. Microtransactions!! All that aside... you really haven't released enough. Yeah, it's free... but it's just a skin. It's an incentive system... designed to get people to buy the game sooner, (And at a higher price) than if they were to wait. For that to work, you have to create pressure. You've had 3 skins.. one was a pre-order bonus, and the other two "limited time offers." This is in the space of nearly 2 years now. You've been running that Ama Dolla Ho special for a while now... and some parts of your website still advertise the contest. Isn't that over now? If you want to make people anxious about buying the game you release one every month. There is plenty of Science Fiction and fantasy that you can pull inspiration from... having polls/suggestion contests is a great way to generate hype over it. Again, legacy owner reward skins available to later purchasers... via microtransaction. (It's not like I'm gonna KNOW that people have it... this isn't a multiplayer game, so the vanity value is very limited.)
    3. Have a developer contest. Pretty much what it says. But you need to have those people who can use your tools properly first. And I've been checking the forums, hoping to hear about a serious project.

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    this thread is pointless now after the big faillure of BC,we all know there wont be expansions or BC 2,why would there be,bonetown is the only good thing ever made by ddub so far,so lets hope in the next 5 years for a bonetown 2

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