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Thread: Hello D-Dub Community! UPDATE!

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    Hello D-Dub Community! UPDATE!

    D-Dub has been working on quite a few different projects. Technology has changed immensely over the last 7 years since we started BoneTown, and so has the marketplace, and there are now quite a few options for us.

    In 2004 when we first started researching game engines, options were extremely limited, and for better or for worse we started out with the Torque Shader Engine. Now there are a lot more game engines available, and we can develop adult games utilizing the most current technology. We have been exploring Unity, Unreal, and Big World as options for our next game.

    In 2008 when BoneTown released, Xbox, Playstation and Wii were the only viable consoles, and now everything is cross platform this, mobile that, and soon there will be Ouya which might be the answer for adult games on consoles (we'll see). Android is currently the most adult-friendly platform with the most power. HTML5 is also an option for getting games on iOS while bypassing iTunes, but it still has a ways to go until it can compete with native apps.

    All that being said, for our next big title we are in the R&D stages, but we promise it will be fucking awesome! We created Mayonnaise Games (mobile games) and have been developing smaller games to see what we can really do in the adult mobile game arena . We released Face Chop in the Android store (with future versions to come), we have developed the Custer's Revenge remake for Android, Browser, and Desktop (putting it on Kickstarter and to start of the campaign), we developed a 2 Girls 1 Cup video game for Android, Browser, and Desktop, and are in the process of releasing our new D-Dub/V-Stroker/Fleshlight interactive video (which we are also working on developing into a live wallpaper for Android). We are in mid dev on a few more mobile/desktop/browser games with new IP's as well (we will update you as soon as we can talk about them).

    Thank you for the support for over the last four years and we think you will enjoy what we have coming to market. We will keep you up to date as we proceed with a new full 3D title, and your input is more than appreciated.

    Thank you to all of our active members for posting. We read all of your forum posts, and there are some really great ideas. Keep em comin.
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    Thank you! Maybe a newsletter for all things D-Dub? I willow probably forget to keep coming back here. Thanks for updating us. Keep up the good work.


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