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Thread: General D-Dub Discussion

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    Cool General D-Dub Discussion

    Please feel free to talk about D-Dub here.

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    No Offense, wtf. No Updates (Even if you subscribe), No link to forum, The Modkits been out for over a month. Would it not increase the users if people new it existed? Limited time robo hoe BS!
    I am a fan of D-Dub and the Bone Games. Thats why I must vent!

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    There's a japanese car commercial still on Bonetoob (its been a week) if that makes u feel better! lol
    Somebodies asleep at the wheel!
    I love redheads & killing zombies!

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    Me thinks D-Dub isn't long for this world.... Bone craft was a fun game but it, clearly!!!!, wasn't as well developed as Bone town. They havent offered any patches to fix the many glitches in the game. Etc etc..... It's to bad really. I hope I am wrong.

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    d-dub the best, I love their games, I bought their games, I hope to do other games as good as bonetown

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    I am not really happy to join the bandwagon... but the way they do their PR could use some improvement... I did subscribe to their email update thing a year ago, and have never received anything. And the mod kit... I really hope that someone is picking up stuff on it, but I am very afraid that no one is doing anything.

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    so D-Dub I'm curious what are you guys working on???

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