So I've downloaded the DLC, beaten the game on hard (every chapter), have everyone unlocked every character, found every Artifact, raced to the top to get to AmaDollaHo (which kind of worked out janky when I went to have sex with her since she was clipping through everything).

My question is, can I use AmaDollaHo, or the Starcraft chick in the Fantasy zone for pairing them in a 3-way? Is there a console code I can put in for that or something? I tried using the unlock all characters in t he console to see if that would help, and then hitting Random to change the girl (which has gotten the Demon, Angel, Nun, etc...) but they never show up. Would love to use them in that area other than having to race to the top to see her again or going to the Orc area to get to the starcraft chick.