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Thread: Gunna make some videos!

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    Talking Gunna make some videos!

    Sup guys! Just wanted to let you all know I'm going to be starting to upload some BT and BC videos. Don't know if any of you will watch them... but there going to be there at BoneToob!

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    Well guess not :| I get the email and when I click the link to watch it, it says "This video cannot be found." Is this why there hasn't been any videos for a while on BoneToob? Kinda sucks....

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    Nevermind it works!

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    never saw anything uploaded by you,any walktroughts,too bad
    bonetoob would had really needed walktroughts of bt and bc,could had helped that site better,glad i uploaded around 110 videos in anonymous a long time agi,otherwise there would be like 70 videos top


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