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Thread: Mini-Game Idea: Sex Bot 2.0

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    Mini-Game Idea: Sex Bot 2.0

    Idea for a mini-game that might fairly easily be incorporated into the existing sex store, after an artist creates the necessary number of different skins for the models.

    In the sex store, there would be a button called "Sex Bot 2.0"

    When I click it, a new UI interface would open, showing me a blank slate of a female android that looks like the default V4 skin from poser or DAZ (she would look human, but without textures, etc). It would be a silver or white female figure, waiting to be customized.

    My first purchase would be the skin color, letting me pick the color of her skin. This customization would continue with eyes, ears, hair, clothing, etc... until I've fully customized and upgraded my Sex Bot 2.0 (which looks like a real girl).

    I could also program her voice, download sex expansions for her, and even customize her personality.

    After each visit to this mini-game, I would do her, seeing her exactly as incomplete or fully customized she is at that moment.

    This would involve some work on the UI and it would mean that an artist would have to create a large library of models, so that when I'm customizing her, I'm actually buying a premade model.

    Ex: Let's say that I'm upgrading the eyes of a green girl = buying a model with green skin and blue eyes only. Then, when I want to add clothing, I'd be buying a green girl with blue eyes, wearing a corset.

    I know that's a lot of work for someone, but it could be simple if your tools let you easily change a model's eye color, save as model#, reload original, change eyes to different, and save as a different model#, each to be included in the Sex Bot 2.0 library.

    I'm sure you guys would know if there is an easier way to do that, rather than having to create a different model to fit every conceivable variant of customization.

    Thanks for reading.
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