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Thread: Bonetown Modding?

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    Some ISPs block torrents just to save the bandwidth as well. They will tell you all sorts of bs about why. It's done mostly so they don't have to replace old or cheap equipment between you and them to provide the high end of the service you think you are paying for.

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    A high-res texture ???
    I read some of the post in the old forum says they cannot change the texture of this game ...
    Is it possible ???

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    Quote Originally Posted by FastLane View Post
    i ll try to add pictures in a couple of months will be though at this time.
    if someone does use the mod feel free to post pics.
    No fat chicks and also apparently no more black chicks. I added the mod and I'm attaching a few pics. Like what I see so far (though I do like fat chicks and black chicks). Didn't really look for a whole lot yet, but noticed some characters changed and I added a pic of a door that I can't remember if it was in the original or is part of the mod.


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    It's been so long since I played BT that I'm having a hard time knowing what's new in this mod. I'm going to check folders between my original and the mod to see, but I think many of the signs are things you added in. I also put the fat chicks back in for myself. I might add the black chicks back in from my original as well. I'll post some more pics when I'm sure what's new.

    EDIT: After putting the fat chicks back in, I've noticed that the heads are a little off. There seems to be something missing at the top of the neck (the space between the neck and face is currently invisible on anything but hot chicks). I'll post some screens later when I get a chance. Not sure how to correct it.
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    Here is a pic of what I'm talking about, you can see she's missing something between her neck and chin/ears. I'm going to double check that I re-installed all the fat chick stuff that was backed-up in the mod, but I'm sure that I already did.


    Also FastLane, I'm wondering how you changed the main NPC girls to make them look different? For example, the Mexican girl from the Nobbing Hill orgy is now wearing a sari (?) with virgin cowl, and the Wobbly H girl is a completely different girl. How'd you do that?

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    There's no back-up for fattyface.dwc in the back-up folder of the mod, that's probably why the fat chick's faces are messed up when I replace the fat chick files. So I think my fat chicks are still using hot chick faces. I didn't back that file up of course. Can anyone attach the fattyface.dwc file here for me? It's a small 130 KB file located in Bonetown/game/data/chicks/characters/dwc/

    EDIT: Was able to get the file and the fatty faces are fixed.
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    i am still running the old mod it has BackUps.

    Link: dead

    my contact info. is there. i drive though so i am out 2-3 wks at a time. the old mod sitll has fat chicks and black chicks in a backup(no belly bottons). as for the "Mexican girl from the Nobbing Hill orgy is now wearing a sari (?) with virgin cowl, and the Wobbly H girl is a completely different girl. How'd you do that?" all i did was photo shop textures and played around with the .dwc files. all that is in game objects.
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    How did you open the .dwc files in order to alter them?

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    they are not altered i just found the ones i liked and named it to the original. i tried to keep every thing close to the original game textures. like the gas pumps and half off poster.

    i am waiting for the mod tools. we need a way to convert dwc objects to dts objects thats when the real moding begins. not sure if it will work on vista/ w7. i can't get bt to open up in torque3d in vista. i had it work in xp once to play around with it. i did not have the time to read all the tats. that will open a whole new can of worms.

    zeiyan"A high-res texture ???
    I read some of the post in the old forum says they cannot change the texture of this game ...
    Is it possible ???"

    i think you read the low polly art post. And; yes it is an art form in it's self to do low polly count. yes you can use up scale .jpg .png images in the game. the larger the size the more detail appear in game, but it might make the game run a little slower loading the image and sizeing them. i forget explaine my self because i covered some of this stuff in the old forum. you can play around with the image size. the game is more than capable of handling 1024x1024 and 1024x512 and larger. i probably posted my texture mod late a little over a year ago because bt was in testing in 2007.

    i forgot; they need to add three new classes in a patch or new release of bt:

    Chick_BodyBlack tattoo class
    Chick_BodyLatina tattoo class
    Chick_BodyPlain tattoo class

    they also need to make each class use its own accessories pants(Panties) and tops. that would give us the ability to have all classes in the game. as it is now all classes use the same tops and panties. that is the reason they are all Chick_BodyLatina class and Chick_BodyPlain class.
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