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Thread: Suggestions for the Babes

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    Suggestions for the Babes

    (I bought this game on Dec 4 as my own birthday gift (no one else would!) and I have to say this is one of the BEST! fucking games I've ever played. But of course, I'm a perv, but OK!)

    Back to the subject...

    Suggestions for the Babes!:

    (These should be considered enhancements, not's already pretty sweet.)

    1. More audio samples for the voices (i.e. insults, compliments, groans and moans, etc.) to minimize repetition. Just want to say that the current collection is hilarious and downright great!
    2. After (successful!) sex with a babe and she thanks you, leave her displayed post-fucked, not pre-fucked. For example, put her in a suggestive pose while thanking you. If you're a limp-dick, do the same but fully-clothed and hostile (giving you the finger or whatever).
    3. After she orgasms, show a little leakage...that would be hot!
    4. Be able to bone the same NPC more than once, but not too much (limit 3?).
    5. Minor rewards for getting the hot chicks off with 3 or more orgasms in one session (not sure what that would be...temporary ball increase?) However, getting off the fuglies in the same fashion should not be rewarded (fat chicks need love too).
    6. Rare and random events where a chick resembles a celebrity (not too close, don't want a lawsuit. By the way, a fat chick rare encounter would be with someone like Rosie O'Donnell (even though she's a lesbian). Since you already use Arnold (and he's still alive) I don't see a problem.
    7. A few more different positions (probably already heard this) to increase the variety. (My existing favorite is the doggy style...the hot chicks can really get those hips going!).
    8. Cum shot patterns are really good, maybe spice them up a tad.

    All in all, the existing variety is pretty incredible, and I'm having "loads" of fun with this game.

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    What ur suggesting is more of improvements. This section is for totally new game ideas.
    Post this stuff in a Gameplay section to get noticed.
    I love redheads & killing zombies!

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