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Thread: Tech Support

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    Yes, somewhere else on this forum it is mentioned. Proposed solution: delete the file entirely and download it again.

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    Loyal Bonetown player and now trying to be a Bonecraft player. Everything seems to work fine until I get to the third stage of the elf mission (the mission immediately following the orc village) I play through until the very last two triangles have to be obtained and the game crashes.

    Do I have a corrupt copy of the game? Any ideas why this is happening?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Log file attached

    console.log Sorry, I just read the post on how to post my console file. Her it is

    Again the issue is that the game is crashing in the elf kingdom. the post above.

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    Sometimes during fantasyroom and or the brothel, you can hear the girls moaning and having sex but they are not in the room. I usually have to restart to get them back.

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    Are we (The Loyal D-Dub supporters) going to get any sort of update about the issue of Bonecraft crashing? It appears that there are a number of users here that are having the same issue. The only solution that has been offered is to turn the settings down in the game options which doesn't seem to correct the issue. So, it appears that the issue resides witht he game itself.

    So, when are we going to get some sort of update about the resolution to this problem. I don't want a refund, I want to be able to play the game!!!!

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    After completed the final mission when I go into fantasy room on the small map i have bunch of lips icons but there are no girls at those locations, what can I do to fix this issue.

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    Well...... Looks like nobody at D-dub is paying attention...... Multiple users have posted problems with the game and we haven't heard a thing from them. I only hope that they are so busy fixing the game that they don't have any time to respond to there own forum.

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    I've seen the "girl having sex but not visibile" problem. What I've found is that she's actually located somewhere else in the fantasy room. After some time, the game gets confused. What works for me is saving the game, exiting out to desktop, and then restarting the game. It's a pain.

    It seems related to the guys selecting girls from the rooms (ie, various sex stores), not just having a random girl pop up. In fact, I've seen this happen (talking to a girl in a sex store, see a marine show up across the screen, and then she's suddenly getting screwed over there by him). It can get rather strange at times, as it is still possible to have sex with her while she's off at a different location. You can do it at the original store location, or where she is displayed at. Doing so will often result in her teleporting back and forth during the animation, so sometimes you are screwing her, sometimes the both of you are seperate and screwing air. AND she can vanish and get replaced by a new girl if she's in one of the random girl ever time locations (ie, Lola, Mare and the Hare, etc).

    As for the vanishing walls--- only seen that once. Exiting to desktop and restarting the game fixed that for me as well. Just my experiences, your milage may vary, etc etc etc.

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    Bonecraft is SERIOUSLY glitchy

    Well I have finally played the game all the way through. And I have now seen just about every symptom that everybody has reported. Disappearing walls, game crashing, disappearing sex bot, etc etc...

    My guess is that D-Dub is on the ropes financially and they had to rush this to release so that they could raise some money. Unfortunately if they don't put out a patch that fixes these problems quickly there not going to have a company at all !!!!!


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    Do D-Dub support exist at all?
    I bought Bonecraft 22th january. Tried everything I could, but my computer just can't handle it (besides glitches reported by almost everyone).
    Wrote to on 23th, then to on 24th, only got automated response.
    Can I have some attention please?


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