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Thread: Stuck on Mission Nine - Captain Cool

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    Stuck on Mission Nine - Captain Cool

    Hi guys can anyone help me get past this mission?

    I already went to wiki and most of the walkthrough made sense. up to the part where im supposd to go to the man office. I dont see the man office. i just get pummelled by man agents. There has been a couple of times that the man agents knock me into where im supposed to go i guess(goes to cut scren), but at that point i have lost my weapon and cant beat the super man agent. I think it is close to the crosswalk but im not certain.

    any help would be appreciated

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    You rock thanks for the vids, after watching them im pretty sure i just wasent having both girls follow me close enough

    no i dont use cheats, least not yet heh
    i did take the advice on wiki and go get arnolds identy and sword early
    so im doing this mission with ball size of 15 and weapon str 18

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    Your right its a little tricky at first, i can get to satan everytime now but hes tough to beat. That damn charge attack fucks me up

    still not usin cheats, gonna try to keep it that way if i can

    i cant make a video but if anyone needs explaining how to get to satan withought cheats i can prolly help

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    Maybe not but i wanted to be Satan heh.

    I beat the game with no cheats.
    Only quest i couldnt finish was the angel mission, although im sure with enough practice i wouldn't need a cheat for that either

    Thanks again porncraft for posting those videos
    i was prettry frustrated at the time.

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    the lightning attack from captain jerk works the best if you are trying not to cheat. i recommend not using Satan in the final mission the horns get in the way when jumping from the building to the bridge.

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    I did the final mission as Satan. Don't remember any trouble with the horns. And getting to the angel while Satan was worth the bother of all that practice and trying to get there.


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