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    new review

    Finally got around to playing BoneCraft and it’s not as bad as I was worried it would be after reading a lot of the posts here, and my own concerns about official info on the game.

    I found it quite funny and sexy, just like BoneTown. However, it is definitely a heavy combat-oriented game, which I was not looking for really. When D-Dub first teased BoneCraft’s release, I thought it was going to be BoneTown in space. It was not.

    What I liked:

    The multiple sex options were very well done for the most part. Some camera angle problems, but allowing the player to switch positions during sex, and adding many more positions was an awesome change. However, I would have preferred being able to choose which position I wanted at any given time, rather than having to cycle through the options.

    The game was funny and sexy, though some cut scenes went on a little too long. The voice work was great, and the female voices even better than in BoneTown (though there didn’t seem to be anywhere near as much variety).

    The incidental music was fantastic, especially the song from the Brothel/Fantasy Room (“Genesis”).

    What I didn’t like:

    This is a combat game first and foremost. This is not why I play these games. Some players enjoy the combat, but many (judging by the forums) including myself, want less combat and more sex. The combat here was unrelenting. Even between some missions, the baddies kept coming at me so I had little or no time to breathe.

    The game was definitely short, and somewhat repetitive on certain levels. The amount of levels/map wasn’t too bad, but the actual missions could have changed somewhat, and/or between missions we could have had some free-roaming/exploration on those maps, without the fear of combat and endless waves of orcs and elves.

    Others have mentioned the lack of build-up in comparison to BoneTown and I would have to agree. In BoneTown, you got better and more powerful sexually, allowing you to bone “hotter” (matter of opinion) chicks. Here you just boned any that came across your path if you were fast enough (annoying). The only slight build-up was to get the elf queen who wasn’t any hotter than some other chicks to be honest, and her scene was a normal scene with normal choices unlike special scenes in BoneTown. And then when her scene was done... BOOM... the game is over. No final cut scene?

    Also, though Fort Worth was funny and well acted, I really hated playing him. I don’t like big dumb brutes while watching porn, so I certainly don’t want to play one in a porn game! Too much bulk whether in the clothing or the guy himself also means it’s harder to watch the sex when manipulating the camera as the guy keeps getting in the way too much. I liked my thin/average guys from early in BoneTown.

    Overall thoughts:

    Not as bad as I heard it was. If I had never played BoneTown, I would have enjoyed BoneCraft a lot more. But after BoneTown, I wanted a similar game but with even more sex and less combat. I got the opposite.

    I will not replay BoneCraft much if at all, whereas I play BoneTown all the time. I would rather see a large expansion for BoneTown than BoneCraft. It will be interesting to see however, if some people can come up with some cool mods using BoneCrafter. I may even take a shot at it myself.
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