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    Large Expansion

    I would love a large expansion for Bonetown and would pay for it if it was made. I think they could make a large expansion and sell it for $14.99 - $19.99 and/or package it with Bonetown as a new edition.

    Here are some ideas I have for a large Bonetown expansion. This “fake” expansion doesn’t create any new large areas, but does expand on the current map (ie: some new interiors). As well there are some new ideas in the expansion, including a clock, new sexual options, and events.


    Instead of day changing to night every ten minutes or whatever, there would be an actual weekly clock running, somewhere up in a corner. Something like “Monday, 1 PM”. When each day hit 8 PM, day would change to night. When each morning hit 6 AM, night would turn to day. Certain events would happen at certain times on a regular schedule (see Events below).

    Each hour would be maybe 3-4 minutes of game time. So a full 24 hours would take approximately 1.5 hours of game time. Time would be “suspended” for missions (ie: no time would elapse while you were in the middle of doing a mission), but would run while you were free-roaming to allow for the events to happen when scheduled. There would be no months or years, just weekdays. So when you got to the end of the day on Sunday, you’d be back to a generic “Monday, 1 AM”. The clock would only count by the hour; not minutes or seconds.


    Events would be special mini-stories/cinematics/situations that would occur on a regular basis all over the map. They would occur at specific times and you could watch them and/or take part in them. These are not missions, just something more to do than just boning random gals or beating the crap out of random dudes. See each individual map area below for specific events.


    This expansion includes four new missions. One in each of the following areas (see below for details): Firmwood Forest, Homeland Trailer Park, Nobbing Hill, and Downtown.

    New Sex Options:

    There are two new sex options (and lets assume they also include the sexual options from Bonecraft as well such as changing positions, etc).

    The first is Jacking Off. You can always attempt to masturbate in the game. It will only work when you are in certain situations and these will normally be fairly obvious (the girls will be doing specific things such as tanning topless, showering, etc). However, like having sex too close to a Man Eye, you need to be somewhat cautious when masturbating as the Man sees it the same as having sex or doing drugs, and even some bystanders will call you out on it. Sure you can just beat the shit out of the guy who interrupts you, but the gal you were masturbating to will have discovered you thanks to the interruption and stopped whatever she was doing.

    The second is a handjob. It’s a new option (handjob, blowjob, pussy, anal). You’ll gain a random buff if you are brought to orgasm this way.

    Also, bystanders will now sometimes stop and watch and/or cheer and/or jeer and/or flee in embarrassment when you have sex in public.

    Varying Breast Sizes:

    There is now a much larger variety of breast sizes for the girls, including areola and nipple variations. Breasts now range from very small to extremely large and everything in between.

    Player Character Customization:

    At the start of the game, you can now choose how your character looks. Your character does not get bigger as the game progresses. Instead you can now choose the body type of your character at the start: thin, average, athletic, hulk. You can also choose race, hair color and a face.

    Girl customization:

    You can create your own women and they will be random girls within the game. Choose body type, breast size, hair color, race, voice, sexual preference and facial features.

    More Interiors:

    There are many more generic interiors available in addition to the specific mission/event areas listed below: apartments, stores, restaurants, trailers, boats, etc, all with random girls inside.

    Below are the additions to each map area.

    Missionary Beach:

    Event: Every Monday and Tuesday between 9 PM and 3 AM, the Sand Bar holds a wet t-shirt contest. The player can sit back and watch as the girls get doused with water and tease with their wet t’s and titties, or he can also take part, spraying down the gals. There are also one or two areas where the player can use the new jerk off option without getting caught. If he is caught however, he is thrown out of the Bar and can’t get back in until after 3 AM (ie: when the contest is over). If the player is there at the end of the contest, he gets to choose the winner from one of the six contestants (these are random girls each time the event runs). The player can then have sex with the winner in the men’s washroom (this is a specific sex scene with special options). He can also dance and have sex with all the contestants on the dance floor.

    There are now numerous areas on the beach with nude sun bathers. The player can jerk off to them if he can find a good inconspicuous spot.

    Firmwood Forest:

    New Mission: Humanitarian Barbara Small hires you to teach the tribe to read. You can spend time with some young tribe women, and need to make 5 of them orgasm without getting caught by the tribe elders. Then Ms. Small thanks you (this is a specific sex scene with special options).

    There is also an area with tribe women bathing. You can just watch, but there will also be a few areas you can jerk off from.

    Homeland Trailer Park:

    Event: Every Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 9 PM to 3 AM there will be an outdoor party going on. There will be lots of free item pickups and lots of opportunity to have sex. There is also a mini strip poker game the player can take part in.

    New Mission: A gang of youths is starting to take over the park. You are tasked with chasing the gang out of the park. There are four gang members and you need to defeat each in turn ending with the leader. If you beat the leader, you get to bang his chick Darla (this is a specific sex scene with special options).

    There are also some trailers you can sneak into to watch girls shower, use the toilet, and sleep and you can jerk off if you don’t get caught.

    Gabacho Heights:

    Lots of new apartments and such that you can enter now, including the shopping mall. Also lots of MILFs and teens that you can spy on and jerk off to in the right situations.

    Havajo Indian Revervation:

    There is a new casino here where the player can pay to play certain card games and slots trying to win money. You can also tip the girls serving drinks to have sex with them.

    Lots of areas to jerk off here as well while watching the Indian babes bathe, play sports and have sex.

    Nobbing Hill:

    Event: Frat party every Thursday and Friday night from 9 PM to 3 AM. Lots of chance for sex, drinking games (make or lose money), fights, and jerking off.

    New Mission: The local frat is full of jerks. It seems they stole some video tapes of some sorority girls having sex with them and are planning to sell the tapes. You need to defeat all the frat boys inside the frat building and around Nobbing Hill and get the five tapes back. Bring them all back and you then have two options; give them all back to the head sister of the sorority (Tina) to have sex with all five sisters at once (this is a specific sex scene with special options), or give the tapes back to each girl individually to have sex with each individually. Either way, you can then have sex with Tina (this is a specific sex scene with special options).


    Event: There are now more movies playing in the theater. There will be posters saying what movie is playing and at what time you can watch them. Let’s assume D-Dub gets the rights to add a few movies here, but also possibly an option for players to add movies from their computers that will play.

    New Mission: There is a Bonetown version of Natasha Nice in the game now. She is meeting her fans at the movie theater, promoting her movie “Freshly Squeezed 3.5”. Natasha’s ex-agent has been harassing her saying she owes him money and sex. If you find a way to get rid of him, Natasha will “thank” you (this is a specific sex scene with special options). This is not a combat mission. You need to find and steal a number of items of jewellery in Downtown buildings. Give these items to Natasha’s assistant who will then fuck Natasha’s ex-agent (you can watch) and go off with him. Each item you need to steal will have sex/jerk off opportunities as well.

    Among the new interiors Downtown is a strip club. You can watch the girls stripping if you like, as well as pay for lapdances (you can do some things during a lapdance, like touch and sometimes she will touch you). There is also a gloryhole in one of the back rooms.

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    >a clock could be an ok feature but its not really necesary,cause you can always enter a cheat to pause time,you can keep day or night,whatever one you prefer

    The reason I had a clock in my idea was so that the Events could run at certain times and the player would know when to be at the specific Event.

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    Yeah, don't know how hard it would be to implement something like that, but the missions would run independantly of the clock (ie: the clock would stop when a player was doing a mission). But if it was too hard, then the Events could just run at random times here and there.

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    Not sure what my best idea is, because it's all relative, but for sure I personally (and I think many others) want more sex and less combat in BT2 or a large BT expansion. And by more sex, I mean MORE sex; more sexual positions, more sexual options, more women, more body types and breast types for women. I would love to see a jerk off option. Open up more areas in BT as well; there's lots of unused space there ready to be used. Have some stuff going on that's not mission related, but is more than just girls walking around ready to have sex (maybe like my Event idea above). And perhaps have PC customization and also girl customization.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Porncraft View Post
    PC customization ?
    Player-Character. Like being able to customize what your main character looks like.

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    I'd pay for a BoneTown expansion.

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    i'd pay for it too

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    I would also pay for a BTown xpack if it had enough to offer this current list is nice but I would also like to see some other stuff such as being able to switch sex postions the option to cum inside or out and maybe even the ability to do threesomes or more. Also the fighting mechanics need to be improved somewhat but that is just me nit picking I would also love to see you char be able to own property such as a house and maybe be able to customize that house and even just have random bitches in that house you can just sleep with and what not.

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