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Thread: Where is Amadallaho

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    Where is Amadallaho

    I must have missed something in my first play through cause I didn't see anything anywhere? Where or how do you find her?

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    Yes there is. Here:!
    She's right at the beginning crash site. There's a big pink icon on the map.
    Once downloaded you need to go to your 'real' game, not the BC crafter.
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    Still not finding her anywhere.

    I also found that thread a little confusing.

    What is the "real" game and what is "BC Crafter"?

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    Bonecrafter is an editing program that allows you to edit the game. You would have had to download it seperately.

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    Well, for folks running 64-bit systems, remember the "expansions" should be extracted to C:\Program Files (x86)\BoneCraft. The .exe only accounts for 32-bit systems, which sends to C:\Program Files\BoneCraft

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    Does she ever appear in the fantasy section?

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    How is the easiest way to beat this mission.? I would appreciate any advice and help.


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