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Thread: game is worthless

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    Thumbs up game is worthless

    Have tried to play it without cheats and found it impossible to do. It is not my computer or garphics card either, I have the following.

    1. Intel(R) Core(TM) i5 CPU
    2. NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460
    3. 2048 MB per Dual channels
    4. 1 TB SATA hard drive
    5. OS: Microsoft XP SP3

    Sadly, for me this game is worthless. It is a waste of my money. Another game for the trash heap.

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    I need to update my first post as it was said when I was particularly frustrated with the game.

    First, let me say that I think the game is GREAT! What I was able to do on my own was enjoyable.

    Never figured out what I was doing wrong when loading the game, however, finally got the game to work. Have finished all but the last mission and have completed all bosses, etc. Sadly, have given up on finishing game as I get about half through last mission and no further (did get last pipe and made it to platform with yellow lights). Progress through the game is not the fault of the software but my lack of understanding of how game works. Had to use "gamechar.setFightBuff(xxxx);" to get as far as I did.

    I used the cheat as I could not figure out how to use;

    1. Power moves/attacks - Could not find anything in archives that helped.
    2. Found no info on how to use lighting attacks, farts etc. once you had them.
    However, I do see a second set of functions by using "SHIFT+LEFT" but found
    no info on how to use them during a game.

    Evidently, it is my lack of understanding of the game basics; as other have
    finished the game with little or no problems.

    Appreciate all that have tried to help but I guess I will have to archive game for now and hope more instructional info becomes available at a later date.

    Thanks again

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    Once a power move or drug is selected/highlighted, you need to press 'E' to use it. Go here for controls/walkthroughs/cheats:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Porncraft View Post
    this is even better is you do it right

    took me more than a few time to get it right,you will have alot more fun next time you want to go trough the game again
    Yep, that's an awesome mod.

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    he needs to get to the top of the bridges to reach the man tower. all i can say is good luck. i've done it a bunch of times and still think the game has horridable angle problem at the bridge jumpping. the tower is ez jummping up the open great to get to the dildo man and end game.
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