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Thread: Thoughts on new Princess Amidalaho Add-on.

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    Thoughts on new Princess Amidalaho Add-on.

    The Pros & Cons as I noticed:

    P:Being free is awesome!
    C:For real game, not Bonecrafter.

    P:It's like jumping to the angel in BT only... different.
    C:It's like jumping to the angel in BT only... different.

    P:Platforms are bigger & easier to see!
    C:Ther's enemies in my way! AARRGGHH!

    P:Timer clocks my time then tells me to beat it! Much better than a set time to beat.
    C:None, I hate time limits!

    Kool FREE add-on! Thx D-dub!
    Suggestion: Her daughter Princess Layme in a see-through white dress & hair buns! The threesome would rock!

    Don't have it? If you bought Bonecraft then sign in here:

    And no this doesn't mess w/ ur C3P-Ho or Robo-Ho.
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    it was fun, but do you know how to get to her directly? im sure it can b with console commands. but i just dont know the ones that allow you to move.(and no im not planning on cheating for the contest with it.) i just wanna get to her without the jumping.

    EDIT:So i did it using the bonecrafter, i just deleted the force fields that block the pads on the way up. now its just a few hops away.
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    now that the contest is over what is next for d-dub?


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