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    Game Freeze

    When I downloaded bonecract, everything went fine. I started playing, played fine, except after I did the first chick that you fucked after you beat up the boyfriend that was pissing on you. The man comes, hits the girl, and then he says "I will let you go this once because you are new" and he enters a combat stance, looking like he is going to hit my character. This freezes the game for me. I re-installed the game, and even ran it as admin. No luck. Any help on fixing this issue? Bonecraft worked fine. I am running windows 7 64 bit with an Intel core I 7 3.07 ghz along with 12 gigs of ram and 2 ATI Radeons 6850s cross fired together.

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    question did you use any of the texture mods for BT? i know it some times hangs when you use the larger more detailed images, but does not freeze. Did you try installing the latest drivers for your ATI v-card? also try turning off progs. that are running that are not essential while playing the game. it could be a soft conflict. check to see if your anti virus can be set up for gaming mode. it could even be an OS conflict try right clicking on the bone folder and take ownership of and all sub directories. did you try a defrag on your HD/or game drive? also try a reg. defrag.

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    Here's what seems to have worked for me.

    Go to your "Program Files (x86)" folder and find the "BoneTown" folder. Right-click it and select "properties". If the folder has "read only" highlighted, uncheck it and hit "apply". You should be prompted to apply it to just that folder, or all subfolders. I chose all subfolders. Now it gets past that point in the game.

    It makes no sense that the game folders should be read-only. I don't know why it installed this way from a download version. The game needs to write save files and such.

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