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Thread: Girls retextured

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    Forgot to warn that this pack can cause performance issues... Sorry, but this is my first experience in making textures...
    I just wanted more detailed textures, but didn't find them in the internet and decided to create them by myself. That's why I made them so big.
    As for me, I have noticed only slightly increased loading time on my PC.

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    sorry; i should have been more precise the game load time is fine. i noticed that the player(white) loads like 10 sec. into game play. i believe it is due to image size. i am not shore yet i have not tested resizing yet. i was only thinking about what could be slowing the game engine down. i think all the male bodies and faces need to be the same size.(it is just a thought that needs to be tested to see if the player(s) load right)

    furthermore you do not need to apologize the textures do work. as for the testing people need to post there results so others can see the results.


    i have had some time to play with things in the game. some words of advice editing textures in bonetown do not go above 1024X1024 in the game. the game will run slow (choppy and hang) above 1024X1024. you can edit textures @ any size such as 2048X2048 for detailed work, but resize them to 1024X1024 for use in game.
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    could you re up your dowload, i'd like to try it. thank you, also i'm trying to figure out if i can make all the girls look like the maidens of mammory in bc. any help appriciated
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