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Thread: Girls retextured

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    Girls retextured

    Greetings to everyone.
    I've recently done some textures. If anybody needs them, I'll upload somewhere.
    A few little bugs are present, but they are not lethal. Maybe I'll fix them, maybe not...
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    Actually, there are almost all girl textures reworked, excluding latina faces (I'll do them later). The resolution are 1024x1024, but, as I've understood, when they uploaded here, it resizes them to 512...
    I think it easier to upload them somewhere else and provide a link. By the way, is it ok, to post an external link here?
    There's one nuance: I've removed transparency from png skin files, so that there's no shine on girl's skin.
    For now, I've placed eyes textures to the group's gallery. Also, I have white dude body texture (2048x2048), some walls, grass, ground, day skies and some other stuff...

    If somebody needs them, ask where to upload. The archive size is about 110mb. I can use the Russian equivalent of google (it's possible to store up to 2gb and good speed, at list in our country). If it's unacceptable, I'll use TPB or rapidshare, if it's allowed here.

    (Don't be too strict for my mistakes, English is not my native language, and I haven't practiced it for a long time)
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    Glad to read it

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    nice work they look nicer than the ones i made. you are right about the skin forum; and it will convert .png to .jpg hence you lose the alpha channel. they come out low rez so they do not look so good. where did you find the nose rings? i looked all over and had no luck.

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    When I started, I didn't know how to work with alpha in png, tried without it and I liked the result and decided to leave it as is. So, there is no alpha...
    I found everything in google, just entered a variety of requests. There was a photo with lots of earrings on it, one of them I borrowed.

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    you did some work in alpha and not knowing it when you worked on the Carrot. you just did not work on the RGB masks. i do not know what prog you use for photo editing in adobe Ps. convert image to png. copy image to new image. in the upper (key-board) numbers 1-0 (not number-pad) for transparency. that allows you to lay a mask on top of another image.

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    I just set transparency level for layers in photoshop. For carrot I left transparent areas, where it was needed. But I didn't know that it is alpha. I thought that there should be something more difficult with channels... I tried to set transparency for girl's textures, but didn't like the result.

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    I tried the mod and it made my game run extremely slowly/choppy. Pretty much unplayable. The files must be too big for my machine to handle or something. I switched back and it plays fine again. I'll try it again when I get a better machine.

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    this one needs more testing to find out which ones are slowing the game down. it might be the dude files need to be resized to 1024X1024. 2048X2048 might be to large. than again all the dudes might need to be the same size 2048X2048. yes, i noticed longer load time. yes, i have 10sec. invisible player with this mod. we still need to thank Aposteriori for his work. you can read my post in the archive about image size.

    (Most textures are 512X512 the earlier mods are 256x256,128x128,& 64x64. The 256X256'ers, 128x128'ers, & 64x64'ers are before i found out that the game can handle 512x512. The billboard mods are 1024x512. JPG quality is 12 with 5 scans. Only 2 are oddball sizes the beer poster is 300x512 & WHISKEY DICK poster is 900x900. i was playing with sizes to see what the game can handle. in theory it can possibly handle 1024x1024. d-dub used low rez. small sizes to save HD space.)

    in theory the game can handle larger image sizes for fixed objects i'am still not sure about moving(animated) objects.
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