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Thread: Orc Warboss as Main Char

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    Orc Warboss as Main Char

    like requested here's the mod for the main char as orc warboss.

    backup your original characterGen_GenericGUYS.cs in your gamefolder ...\BoneCrafterModKit\BoneCraft\game\dataBlocks\ch aracterGenData\

    download the file below:




    change the filename to "characterGen_GenericGUYS" and the extension from ".txt" to ".cs" and replace the original one with it.

    start a new game with Captain FortWorth as the Orc Warboss.

    i hope you like and enjoy this mod.

    with best regards,


    this mod does not work with just the regular BoneCraft game.
    you need to have BoneCrafter installed and run the game from there.
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    is there a way to make him invisible?

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    hmmmm.... if you mean an invisible main char that would be possible, but wouldn't make any sense to me.

    except to one thing: bone the girls with an invisible char to look inside the pussies. ^^

    anyhow, yes that's possible to do, i did it already on tutorial map.

    with best greetings,

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    i was thinkin in the drug effect from BT,
    btw how you did that?

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    Invisible guy sounds good, how bout BT characters?

    The warboss doesn't want to have sex with anyone.
    I pick a girl & hit the sex button & they just stare at each other,
    kinda like some of my dates in the past. lol

    Your nude Fort Worth works fine tho.
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    I love redheads & killing zombies!

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