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Thread: Game suggestion by geLoad: BoneU

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    Game suggestion by geLoad: BoneU

    First of all first post, please forgive me

    An expansion on the area of Bonetown. After the defeat of the man at the hands of a nameless hero (who looked a lot like Ron Jeremy) The leadership of the man had an abundance of time and money and decided to give back to the community they almost destroyed and opened BoneTown University (BoneU)

    This next part may be lengthy, suggesting mechanics and possible quests.
    -All the old substances and specials would be returning, perhaps with new specials and drugs resulting from the playing combing 2 other ones. (for example making a cum cannon special by combining booze and speed)
    -A rpg like level/skill system. When you level up you just generally get better at everything and going to class rewards you with an increase in a specific skill (for example going to chemistry would teach you how to combine booze and speed) think of Bully
    -First quest would be deciding what fraternity (or sorority) you would like to be a part of. Each fraternity would offer something different (free booze for example) and each fraternity could have different characters who give different missions. This could be a permanent choice for the play through encouraging players to play again to see what the other houses would be like OR there could be missions the player takes on to boost reputation with each house before they are allowed inside to use their services and take their quests (I prefer the second option actually)
    -Quests could be as complicated as escorting characters, just beating up a bunch of characters or a simple as if your skill is high enough mission successful or any combination of the above

    Possible missions
    -Increasing reputation with a house in order to be allowed inside to use the houses and take on their missions
    -A prank war between houses (starting small until you literally are pitting half the university against the other half)

    The plot?
    You are from BoneTown and have recently turned 18 (21 in some states) which means you may enroll in BoneU. At first things seem normal (for bonetown) until the university administration begins to outlaw drinking games, but fail to define drinking games, it is up to you to boost your reputation with people and organisations in order to stop this from happening and save BoneU from boredom.
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