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Thread: Sales Support

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    Post Sales Support

    Any sales, download, or serial number issues please post on this board.

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    I had issues with my pc and had to format it. Now it says I have exceeded my activation limit, and I cannot activate the beta.

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    How do you stand with refunds ?
    Becasue after playing BoneCraft Beta I feel like beeing scamed
    Absolutely not satisfied with this game

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    Hi, i ordered the Bonecraft but now i want the BoneTown as well,can i still have the discount?

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    I cannot get the order screen to generate a working username and password so I can purchase the game!

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    I had problems with my purchase, it said it was refused and the next time i tried it sait the transaction was duplicated. Now if i try to acces my account it says it doesn't exist and if I try to purchase again it says the username is used. How can I checkif I was charged? I didn't get any email.

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    i ordered both games and neither of the download links for them work have emailed support and heard nothing back

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    Purchased a copy. Have my serial number (never used). Download failed for some reason, claiming it couldn't open. Went back to try and re-download it but I cannot find an actual place to download it from. The main site seems to want me to purchase another copy through the same means that my original unsuccessful download went.

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    Hi @ll Together,
    maddmandingo, so i have more then a Problem with my game-informationalso with my Serial Key, i don't know anymore when i purchased Bonetown, but it's i think a "long" time ago. Because i formated my PC too and i have no fucking idea anymore how my old E-Mail account is called(because i wrote everything down on Word-Documents on my old PC, so that i don't have to remember so many things -.-) So i hope u can lend me a hand to fix my Problem. (Stupid word combination, srry for that ;-) )

    greeting Nino

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    I purchased BoneTown and would like to purchase BoneCraft. Can I get the discount for both still? Can I even purchase BoneCraft, when I tried to buy it standalone the order form states my username is used. Any way to get around that?


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