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Thread: "he ded...line 162" Error while Purchasing

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    "he ded...line 162" Error while Purchasing

    If you are trying to purchase any of the games and you receive the following error: "he ded...line 162", what you need to do is create an account on before you make your purchase. You can do this by going to the below page:

    Once you have created an account, log into that account and then try to make the purchase.

    The other fix to this problem is to not create an account when checkout out. If you do this though, make sure to keep the email from your purchase because it will be the only place where your Download Link and Serial Number will be for future reference.

    We are working on fixing this issue and hope to have it resolved soon.

    Thank you for your patience and let us know if the above solution does not work for you.

    D-Dub Support
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