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Thread: GamePad mod!

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    Controller Mod

    This mod allows you to use a gamepad to play bonetown.
    Download :

    Dpad now bindable, Might not work with some controllers
    All buttons now rebindable except Move and CameraMove.
    Player speed now changes depending on Thumbstick.

    GamePad only works in game and not in the menus.

    Only tested with USB 360 Controller.

    Unzip GamePadMod and drag the Mods folder into the Bonetown/game folder.
    Open main.cs in the main directory and find the line
    //Parse the command line arguments
    Just above it add the line:
    Save and start up bonetown.

    To rebind keys go into game/Mods/GamePad and open GBKeyBinding.cs in any text editor.
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