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Thread: I am rebuilding the Sand Bar on Missionary Beach

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    Talking I am rebuilding the Sand Bar on Missionary Beach

    Hello Everyone, I am working on re-doing the inside of the Sand Bar on missionary beach. I wanted to make some of the girls in the bar walk around like they do in the outside area's

    Does anyone know how to do that??

    When I am done with the Bar will be happy to post pictures and share the .MIS

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    I've been trying to do some of the same kind of thing, but haven't been able to get it to work yet. Should be possible, but I don't know enough about writing code. Someone posted that they had been able to add elves from bc to bt, but didn't say how they did it. I don't know how they could without altering the charactergen files.

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    guys email them and see if they can help,maybe they can send you some mod kit thing like they made for bc right,wish they would at least care to reply in their forum,how hard is that right?

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    I am still trying to move some of the bc chicks into bt. The architecture of the two games are similar so I tried replacing some of the dwc and dso files from bt with ones in bc. The game play appeared to work normally, but I did get some interesting results. The skeletons on some of the chicks were changed but I could still bone them. Another changed all the chicks to hot chicks. I could still bone them, but couldn't make them cum even with a 20 ball size. Then I did something that crashed the game and had to reinstall everything. Any ideas from anyone? Back to the drawing board.

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    Good luck! Hope you get elves & stuff to roam the streets of BT but I'd miss a lot of the new sex!

    Also just plugging my YouTube :
    I love redheads & killing zombies!

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    are you still working on this?


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