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Thread: NEW Adult Games

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    Cool NEW Adult Games

    for anyone who wants to chat about any other adult games and new ones

    are there any new adult games ?,infos ? and from who?

    any other companies we could share OUR ideas for new adult games like bonetown,a companie that will care to REPLY to us and especialy keep us updated and letting us know if they like and will do OUR ideas/suggestions ???

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    If you like strip poker try this company: They have a pretty good game engine and about 50 girls to choose from. The company is based in Poland and the girls are mostly Eastern European. You can download a demo version. Nudity but no sex. The company has been around for several years and seems to be doing well.

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    I don't know of another company that has done a game anywhere near as good as bt. So I'm still rooting for d-dub to turn things around. Before bonetown the best sex games were from companies from the 1990's who are out of business now. I still play some of those games from time to time on a win98 os.

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    d-dub should do a kickstarter,not telling about bt2 but insted,raising money from the fans for future games,and since kickstarter cant prove they will be porn games then it should be legit,i would try that,if its money the problem and not partners.anyway,at least if he or they would care to reply to any of us,this is a much fun as doing EVP's in a cimetary at night lol

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    In case anyone's still reading these threads. Check out Summertime Saga. It's still in alpha stage but there's a LOT to do, it's free, and the graphics are amazing. And the guy is constantly working on it and takes feedback.

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    I still check in from time to time. The game you mention is not bad, but its not bonetown. I'd like to see the companies get away from cartoon 3d and go with characters like you see now in Daz3d.

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    I actually prefer the cartoon art. There are quite a few adult games on patreon using Daz3d too. I can't think of their names off hand. Another cartoon art one I really enjoy is Camp Pinewood.

    I agree though, Bonetown is still #1 even if I feel it's potential was not fully tapped.

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