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Thread: Nude Main Char

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    Nude Main Char

    this mod works with the BoneCrafter ModKit only.
    If you try to use it with the regular BoneCraft game, it won't work.

    here's a little modification to get a nude main char.

    backup your original characterGen_GenericGUYS.cs in your gamefolder ...\BoneCrafterModKit\BoneCraft\game\dataBlocks\ch aracterGenData\

    download the file below:


    change the extension from .txt to .cs and replace the original one with it.

    start a new game with Captain FortWorth as a naked dude even with limp dick.

    i hope you like and enjoy this mod.

    with best regards,


    this mod does not work with just the regular BoneCraft game.
    you need to have BoneCrafter installed and run the game from there.
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    How do I change the extension? What about dso, do I add that too?
    I put .cs.dso at the end but it still says it's a text document.

    Googled it, this is the answer.

    I tried it & Fort W is still in armor & now there is no girl at a mission spot.
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    you need to install BoneCrafter ModKit first and use my file inside ModKid game tree.

    for example: ...\BoneCrafterModKit\BoneCraft\game\dataBlocks\ch aracterGenData\

    the regular game seems to ignore the ".cs" files because it's using the ".cs.dso" files instead.

    i hope that was helpfull for you.

    with best greetings,


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    I was hoping to avoid using up that 2gb but oh well. Did like u said & it works!
    It didn't change my old saves so looks like I'm starting again. Good thing for cheats!
    Thanks again I will feature this on my next vid!
    I'd give u kudos if I could, do u have a bonetoob profile? I can give u a star boost there!

    D-dub, we need kudos back or a star system here to give props to modders.
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    I love redheads & killing zombies!


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