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Thread: Game freezes at end of Mission "glory day"

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    Game freezes at end of Mission "glory day"

    Hi, well, this issue is very stupid and I think it can have a easy solution; when I finish the "glory days" mission, the window of "great, click ENTER for NEXT mission", never dissapear, no mather how resolution I have, well, too, I didnt save the game in that moment, and, when I loaded the save game, the same error is ON, if I click enter nothing happens, and the screen is black (no the Click enter for next mission window), and well, I attach log file AND my save file in a .rar ( I changed the extension to .txt for be possibility the upload, so, change it to .rar if you want to see my save file).

    Thx for your time


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    I SOLVE IT XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD, I use win 7 - 64 bit, so I puttet "execute as administrator" and "run like win xp sp3" and it worked.


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