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    Lightbulb Bonepocolypse

    I think a game that capitalizes on some of the things everyone loves that worked in the games is a good idea, as well as things that others have commented they would like to see too. We all know what some of those are.

    1) The free roaming aspect. We all loved this. Would be nice to see it more so.

    2) More customization.

    3) More positions, etc.

    4) Ability to play as a girl.

    Now, let's set some of this with some other things other people have touched on, like the GTA idea, etc. Ability for vehicles. Ability for guns. All that would be awesome.

    But... what if... it was in a post apocolyptic zombie infested world? And your goal was rebuild the human race? You need to roam the world, gathering up new weapons, and armor, saving the girls. Building up your home city, building your mansion, building your harem, etc. All the while smashing in zombies, demons, other undead baddies in the face.

    Could add tons of fun quests and boss mobs, all the fun drugs and other things that made everything so great.

    Just an idea of mine. Plus, the name itself i thought was awesome.

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    I would definitely be good, but honestly, I don't think D-Dub has the chops for it. They should just stick with a Bonetown 2, as I think that's the best they can do.


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