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Thread: Have a game idea for us?

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    Cool Have a game idea for us?

    Post all your game ideas that you would like to see D-Dub develop!

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    Hello, My name is Bryant (Big Fan) I send this because I don't know any other way of reaching D-Dude. I know that you guys may receive tons of e-mail/ Postings from fans, crazed stalkers or the like talking about Bonetown and Bone Craft and how great they are (considering). First I would like to thank you all for introducing a medium to those who only fantasized of such wonders. Second I would say "please stay the course".

    I am an individual who has been a dedicated fan since BT's inception and I have wondered what wonders BT2 would bring and I have began constructing my dreams on pen and pad. As of late those dreams have gone beyond mere fan fiction and my art and story telling has started to come together quite soundly. I know its a shot in the dark but i would love to pitch a sound idea for BT2 to you all at D-Dude. I am not looking at capitalizing off of you guys because it your idea (obviously). I just see the potential for absolute greatness that this company have being the first to create its own genre of video game and if I can assist in anyway possible.

    Bonetown told a story and so does Bone Craft but the stories haven't concluded. As much fun as fucking and fighting is, its more so the reason for these acts that bonded the player to the game. If there's two things in this world that I absolutely love it would have be (other than the wife and kids) porn and video games and when BT came out I thought I was dream and I still believe I am, I don't want to wake though.

    What I'm asking is to speak with you guys on a different forum about the future of BT and I totally understand if you don't want any outside influence but this I believe it worth hearing. Hope you would consider lending me your ears, eyes, and minds.

    Take care.

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    Why not just post your ideas here bro

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    Lightbulb oops posted this in the wrong thread so forgive the dupe

    Quote Originally Posted by qonsew View Post
    I think what he's talking about would be to make a game where you're not playing as any one character. Rather you're managing a brothel; a BoneSims if you will. You start out with a shady shack where you can only employ fatty sluts and cheep pervs; however through upgrading your digs you can attract better hotties and charge more for their services. As said, this could be placed in a red light district where you compete against other brothels, buy and sell land, and expand your property to create a Bone-opoly!

    1. I second the idea of BoneBrothel!!!

    2. Or even just a BoneStreetwalker?

    I just bought Bonetown/BoneCraft and haven't had a chance to play 'em yet so maybe it's already there but it seems like one could just replace the main character and the girls of Bonetown with a hooker and guys and have her work her way up from streetwalker to high-class call girl. One could include missions and have her be able to buy body upgrades at the Plastic Surgeon and even have a regular Doctor for when she gets beaten up or gets an STD. With enough money she'll be able to buy upgrades like a cell-phone (to become a call girl), better clothes, a car, a nice apartment, a house etc. With enough experience points she'll be able to work her way up from streetwalker -> call-girl (enables gangbangs) -> working/running an escort agency (enables threesomes) -> working/running a massage parlour (more money?) -> all the way up to.....wait for it.....working/running a brothel (enables orgies)!

    3. BoneRomance.

    This one takes some explaining so have patience EDIT: Ok it took a lot of explaining so the TL;DR is BoneRomance will make a lot of money because the target audience is a lot bigger.
    I just played "My Virtual Girlfriend" for iOS and it was a fun game but very limited in it's explicitness and limited in it's variety and by it's lack of action. For those who haven't played it, it's basically an American, *not* Japanese, style romance sim where you romance a girl by talking to her (which gets fairly granular eg her hobbies, her interests [eg politics, fashion, sports, etc], cracking jokes, flirting etc), performing actions with her (eg holding hands, spanking her playfully, tickling, making out, making funny faces, tell her to make you a sandwich, apologizing [when you get into arguments], gifting items like flowers or clothes, farting/burping at her, bitch/curse her out, etc) and doing activities like going out to dinner, watching a chick-flick, go camping, go to the park/bar/club/museum/shopping/skinny dipping/stripclub etc, have sex, hit the jacuzzi, go to work (to make money), have her striptease/tabledance etc etc.
    I think this game could be bonefied (or is that bone-a-fide heh) by simply fleshing everything out: showing all the sex and controlling your character to do it all, have all the activities/actions player controllable as well. So for example, if you and her go for a walk in the park, what happens is that the player actually moves the character from his apartment in Bonetown to a park in Bonetown and then has to control the character as he walks through a full scale park. Here's where it gets interesting: does he take a short walk which only gives her a small amount of happiness, does he stroll to the kids playground where she gets on the merry-go-round/swingset where her happiness increases even more *and* that extra increase is proportional to how well the character pushes, or do they take a long almost mini-hike in the hopes of collecting a huge happiness bonus by encountering the rare, randomly-timed "two squirrels fucking" cutscene? If they go kayaking, how well can you steer the kayak as it moves down the river? How well can you dance at the clubs in Bonetown? How well do you fuck, give oral, foreplay? etc. etc.
    One intriguing aspect of "My Virtual Girlfriend" is that you can mold her personality. All the girls in the game have their own unique personality (and looks and bodies) but you can fine-tune it. For example, once your relationship and trust levels are high enough, if you do or say something wrong and she gets pissed off, you can get into a huge argument with her which earlier would have led to her dumping you but now, because while you don't want to lose her she now doesn't want to lose you either, she will submit and change her behaviour for the good of the relationship or to please you. So if you want to do an activity/action/dialogue, like have sex, that she doesn't want to do or like, you can get pissed off and start bitching her out. She may also get upset and start arguing with you but eventually she'll relent and fuck you and *from then on* she'll be more willing to have sex with you. Not that she becomes your slave or anything and, just like a real relationship, you'll find yourself molding to her personality a tad as well but still. "My Virtual Girlfriend" ends when she falls in love with you but I think it should be extended all the way up to getting married.
    If all of that doesn't seem too enticing consider the business perspective. This game may not seem like it fits in with D-Dub's oeuvre but actually it does and more. This is another long explanation so bear with me. "My Virtual Girlfriend" is in iOS' top 50 for simulation games and I suspect the only reason it's not higher is because the developers released a trial version that sucks. Moreover, the trial version has twice as many reviews as the paid one, so I'm guessing (I suck at math) the number of total potential users is actually 3 times as much as the paid version's? I think there's a reason for that number: MVG tries to hit a sweet spot between dating, romance, and sex sims. But if you skim the user reviews you'll see it didn't succeed because the nudity and sex aren't depicted. I just saw a movie that did this and, in my opinion, for the first time ever it actually hit it (trust me I've seen them all). It wasn't just a porno and it wasn't just a romance movie. It was both and had everything: porno levels of sex, great acting, great characters, great story, and great directing. Actually come to think of it, just think of "Unfaithful" with all the porn put back in and you'll get the idea.
    I think BoneRomance could do the same thing but even better since you control everything and you can have any girl (or boy if you're female) you can think of. So you've just widened your target audience, you get all the people who'd buy it anyway plus the people who want a romance/dating sim but wouldn't necessarily go for a sex sim plus the people who'd go for a sex sim but wouldn't necessarily go for a dating/romance sim. In other words, your target audience is pretty much everybody: horny teens, 20-somethings trying to figure it all out, 30-somethings who are running out of time and need to figure out why they keep failing at relationships, 40-somethings who need an escape from a boring marriage, even senior citizens who want to relive their youth! And, BOOM, you've just gone mainstream. And that's the kicker right there. Because BoneRomance isn't just a game it's a *gateway game*. Since it already takes place in BoneTown anyway, people who play BoneRomance may decide to try BoneTown too. Or RPG fans will learn of BoneCraft and buy it. Or maybe they'll move on to.....wait for it.....BoneBrothel!!!

    Anyway, sorry for the Wall of Text and thanks for reading

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    I like the idea of BoneBrothel. You could actually make it an MMO too. Check out Newgrounds for "Sim Brothel" for an idea of where to start... then kick it up a notch and make it much more expansive! I'd like to see multiple citys/destinations... customizable buildings/rooms! Furniture selection, room upgrades.... a wide variety of randomly generated girls with different stats and skills! If not actually an MMO... the ability to visit a friend's brothel or trade girls! All that said, I'd probably be too uncomfortable to ever actually interact with people I know IRL through said game.... but that doesn't mean there aren't less shameless people out there! I'd enjoy a more substantial brothel sim anyway.

    Also, why not make a game about the world of competative and erotic Female Wrestling. Like Rumble Roses XXX, but hardcore! Customise your own female wrestler and claw your way to the top of the leaderboards! BoneSlam!

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    ok, I play Bonetown and is good, bonecraft... not so much (sorry) so, I think a sequel of BT or continue the consept of BT es the right way to go. My ideas or what I like to see in a new game are this (I try to write only the more viable ideas)

    - Better planed city, more connected I mean, like if you are in "A" location and need to go to "d" location you dont have to cross "B" and "C"
    - More inside locations in the city
    - A good number of sidequest and/or minigames (like a photography mini game when you need to convince a girl to let you take pictures of her, you could even get money for the pic)
    - Talk to people in town (even if the say only a single dialoge)
    - Create your own character with further customization of clothes and shits (it will be similar to stole personalities)
    - A change in the system of balls, more like a leveling up sistem totaly independent of the look of the character and the disguise like in bonetow
    - Make a girl relation system not only the balls or made their mission count to fuck but the way you dress and the way you speak with the principal characters, I mean, the type of the girl is the type of the awnser and cloths (and ball) you need to fuck her and this principal characters will give you more experience (with the secondary characters it coul relay just in your appearence and the balls)
    - Buy homes to rest and save
    - More work in the combat system
    - More artwork
    - Better graphics and character design keeping the cartoon style (is perfect) just a little more work.

    So, what you think? I now is easy just spit out ideas but, I think is nothing really imposible.

    sorry about my bad english

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    Keep the free-roaming aspect of BT, that was supercool. Just add more positions, customizability for the chicks, and some "progress" (ball size was a nice way to make "progress" in BT and rewarded you with hotter chicks to bang). The ball sack thing made it slightly RPG. Awesome. I don't mind the fighting, but not too much please. BC was bad storywise. No sexual buildup. No free roam. No "reward" for kicking people's asses. BT was sooo much better at that.

    Just having a free "world" to explore with hot chicks and trying to get them to fuck you is a major turn on. Work on that. I don't know, maybe introduce more pickup lines, work on your "MOJO". Use the ball size thing, I don't know. But free roaming a world full of hot (and fat) chicks is just the bomb.

    You could also add some RPG to it. Maybe your fuckspeed, durability, quality of your pickup lines, your looks, your sexual creativity. All that stuff could then interact with the amount of positions you have, the amount of girls who dig you, how easy it is to pick up a girl. How long you last, whether som chicks will dig a threesome with you. At some point you could also get a "reputation": maybe some hot chicks heared that you fucked a lot of girls, and approach *YOU* for sex. Or the opposite way, and you have to convince them that they are "the real one". That would be super cool as well. I know the ball size is a sort of reputation thing though, you can keep that. But maybe sometimes a chick approaches you. Anyway, some more RPG style, more dialogue maybe? Seducing the girl with dialogue would also add to the sexual build up. Think of games like "Artificial Academy" by Illusion (a Japanese game). You could build up relationships with the girls there, and then fuck them. The relationship buildup was crude, but very interesting. You could ask them how their day was, etc. etc, and that would grow their affection for you. You could also say the wrong stuff and that would make it harder. You could add some sort of dialogue options to influence the pick up of girls and maybe improve your pick up RPG-stats.

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    bonetown remake or reboot with many cool expensions with ideas that was shared here and on the older forum some years ago

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