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Thread: Mods I'd like to see.

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    Mods I'd like to see.

    I know ideas take alot more time to make reality than it takes to think of them but we gotta start somewhere.
    I'm just gonna throw out some ideas of mods I'd download & endorse, if someone (wink,wink) would have the talent to make any of these ideas into reality you'd be my hero!

    I'll add em as they pop in my head or are discussed somewhere before I forget!
    Alot of these ideas have been discussed elsewhere, I'm not taking any idea credit just keeping ideas alive till they are actually made (if).


    1: Unlimited Stamina
    (Either just in the fantasy room or as a 3 part upgrade you pay in-game $$ for, levels: slow, slower, infinite!)

    2: Fort Worth Wardrobe
    (A status page showing Fort staring @ you, push next/last buttons to change clothes. Nude, armor,etc.)
    Pajaymas,clown,tuxedo,cowboy,Jason Voorhies,Robocop,Ogre,Elf,Priest,Lincoln,Santa,Bun ny,Pumpkinhead,etc.

    BIG Thanks to Rollmops for Nude Main Char.
    And OrcWarboss Main Char Mod

    3: Moveable Camera
    (The camera center has always been stuck! Wish the right stick moved it around.)

    4: Sex Positions?
    (Sorry, can't make new positions. Sad face )

    5: Day/Night Light Control
    (Day/Night option somewhere)

    6: First-Person View Props
    (Now that there's 1st person view how about a hand holding a gun & when u look down ur penis is dangling,lol)

    7: Sex Position Order Reshuffle
    (There should be an order to the list. Solo,foreplay,oral,vag.,anal.)

    8: Cuter Orc Girls
    (I like green but those faces are scary!)

    9: No $$ During Sex
    (I don't need to know how much $$ I have while having sex, it just blocks the view.)

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