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Thread: Chapter 3 Bug?

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    Chapter 3 Bug?

    Hey guys so in chapter 3 it says I gotta escort the sexbot to the altars but there is no sexbot. She isnt next to me nor on the map. I also cant have sex with her when I finish a mission. When a finished chapter 2 she wasnt there. I dont know what happened..

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    Sounds like the invisible sex bot bug. Sometimes, for whatever reason, the game gets confused as to what skin she is set to, and sets it to a skin you haven't yet unlocked. This makes her invisible.

    There is a in-game fix for this posted. Let me search the forums for it...

    Here are the directions that worked for me whenever I had this problem:

    Quote Originally Posted by D-Dub View Post
    Once this problem has happened go to the free roaming world, open the console window (Shift + ~) and type in this: setSaveInfo("CurrentSexBot", "robotChickSpecialClass");

    Press return, close the console window (Shift + ~) and go to the closest Store and go into it.
    From the thread:

    Happening that early, I'd suggest that once you reset her skin and see her in the console/sex store, you reset her skin by pressing on the sex bot skin in the left side bar, and setting it with the right arrow control under the sex store positions.

    If she disappears again on you in-game, just redo the above. I had it happen to me a few times in my first play through. Haven't had it happen since I've unlocked most of the available skins in the game.
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