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Thread: Creating Statics

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    Creating Statics

    Included in BoneCrafter is the compiled exporter for creating new mesh files (*.dwc). The max2dwcExporter.dle file contained in the BoneCraft folder is the exporter for 3d Studio Max 7. If you have 3d Studio Max 7 you can simply drop the dle in the plugin folder.

    Copy the file BoneCraft/max2dwcExporter.dle and paste it into the 3ds Max 7 plugins folder.
    ex: C:/3dsMax7/plugins

    Open the file game/data/outsideStatics/tutorialSign.max

    Click on the Utilities tab and then Configure Button Sets.

    Drag DWC Exporter onto one of the buttons

    Clicking on the Whole Shape button will export a dwc file that can then be used by the World Editor.

    Exporting *.dwc files with a 3D art program besides 3ds Max 7 is not supported because releasing the source code for the exporter would violate our License Agreement with Garage Games. If you are interested in developing an exporter for an art program besides 3ds Max 7 please contact us.
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    ummmmm...... i can't find any file tutorialSign.max
    are you sure it's within the ModKit?

    with best greetings,


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    Thanks Rollmops for pointing this out. Here is the max file
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    Please post max2dwcExporter.dle.. i can't find it


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