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    AI Node Creator

    The AI Node Creator allows you to create WaypointNetworks, Waypoints, Connections between Waypoints and WaitNodes. A WaypointNetwork can be thought of as a folder (Sim Group) that holds other WaypointNetworks, which hold Waypoints and Wait Nodes. In order for a character to use a WaypointNetwork, the waitNode must be contained within the WaypointNetwork with the Waypoints.

    Under the System Folder is the WaypointNetwork that contains Waypoints and defines each network.

    Under the Pathing Folder are Waypoints which are used to create the paths AI walks on and WaitNodes which are used to spawn characters.

    If a character is looking for another character or an object (followMode/fightMode) and has no line of sight to it, the character will check to see if any Waypoints in the WaypointNetwork has line of sight to it. If so, the character will follow the Connections until he/she has direct line of sight to the character or object.

    Two Waypoints can be Connected by selecting the first one and then selecting the second one and then pressing Ctrl + F (Link Selected Waypoints).

    Multiple Waypoints can be selected and linked as long as you never try to select one Waypoint twice.

    Connections between Waypoints within the same WaypointNetwork are shown with Red Lines while Connections connecting different WaypointNetworks under a similar parent WaypointNetwork are shown in Green.

    The Diameter of a Waypont can be increased when it is selected by holding Ctrl + Alt and clicking and dragging the Waypoint's x, y or z handle.

    The AI Node Creator is also used to create new Objective Marker Objects and Transform Markers.

    Under the Objective Folder are the ObjectiveMarkers, which are used to run objective script, and Transform Markers, which are transforms that can be used in script.

    AI Nodes can be used in script by name. For example if there was a TransformMarker in the world named "myTransformMarker" it could say:
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