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    Terrain Editor

    When you start the terrain editor you will notice a brush that moves along the surface of the terrain with your mouse rather than a cursor. Brush Size determines the size of the area that will be affected by the terrain editor actions. The red squares in the center of the brush show where the terrain will be affected by the actions the most. As they turn to green squares around the edge of the brush the terrain will be affected the least by the actions.

    What the Brush does when you use it is determined by what Action is set.

    Add Dirt will raise the ground as long as the Left Mouse Button is held down.

    Excavate will lower the ground as long as the Left Mouse Button is held down.

    Adjust Height will allow you to Click and hold and then raise or lower ground as much or little as you like.

    Flatten will attempt to flatten the area under the brush by finding the common ground and moving everything towards it.

    Smooth will attempt to round hard edges.

    Set Height will set all terrain under the brush to the height set in the Terrain Editor Setting's (Alt + Z) Set Height field.

    When in the Terrain Editor and Paint Material is selected you can paint the Terrain with the Brush.

    Select Terrain Texture Painter will let you choose what Material to paint.

    By going back into any of the previous Inspectors or Creators you can leave the Terrain Editor.

    In order to create a new terrain, you must first go to game/data/terrains and copy the *.ter file of choice and rename it. Then edit your *.mis file to use the new terrain file instead of the old one. You must save the terrain file separately from the mission file in the World Editor (there is no "Save Terrain As..." option).
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