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    Download & Setup

    *You must have a valid copy of BoneCraft installed to use Bonecrafter the Mod Kit. Click here to purchase BoneCraft.

    You can download BoneCrafter the Mod Kit from here:

    Once the file has downloaded, run it and choose your destination folder. The Mod Kit is not an actual Windows install so the location of the folder is not important.

    After the files have been extracted, copy the data folder from your installed version of BoneCraft to the Mod Kit:

    1. Go to where BoneCraft is installed and copy the folder named data
    example: C:/Program Files/BoneCraft/game/data

    2. Paste the data folder into the folder named game in your Mod Kit
    example: C:/BoneCraftModKit/BoneCraft/game/

    Click "Yes to all" when it asks you if you want to overwrite any folders or files.

    The reason for copying over these files is because the Mod Kit does not include the data assets. Assets are basically art files. These files include meshes, animation, textures, audio, etc. In order to launch the mod kit, you will first need to copy the assets from the installed version of the game over to your mod kit. This will keep the mod kit separate from your installed version.

    Once the data folder is copied you can run the Mod Kit. The first difference you will notice is a new menu option named custom in the loading screen. The custom menu option will create a new save game and then load the mission file of your choosing. Pressing new game will start a new regular BoneCraft game. Pressing load will load a saved game whether it is a regular BoneCraft game or a custom game.

    Please note that the Mod Kit shares the same application data as the installed version. This means that the saved games are the same for both the installed version of BoneCraft and BoneCrafter the Mod Kit.

    For documentation on how to start creating your own mod go here: Getting Started

    Although our engine has changed significantly from the Torque Game Engine, much of the Torque documentation may still apply:
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