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Thread: Buggiest game ever

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    Buggiest game ever

    Can I just say. Love the series. Except... this game is a POS when it comes to playability. I'm on the last part of trying to kill the Elf Queen's Headmaster. What a suck ass level. You spend 90% of your time getting up from getting hit. The guy can just disappear into thin air even though you're smashing him with a maxed out machine gun with 2000 bullets. He uses a non-evadable health siphon when on 8 out of 9 lives. When you try to use your Testosterone to re-up your health, it won't work because you have to hit or shoot something before Tab will even do anything for you. But, you won't be able to, because your own guys are too busy screwing the 6 - 7 Elf girls walking about. You can't even TRY to get them to attack the Headmaster... useless. Overall... shitty ass design, bugged to all get-out. I've been stuck on that level for a couple of hours now and I've had it where I couldn't even talk to any of the elves to have sex with them. Pressing Enter to talk to them didn't do shit. Like I wasn't even pressing it. But once I died... Oh... Enter worked just fine on the Fembot to restart the level. On that Fembot note... she's not a bot, somehow she got turned into an Orc girl somewhere during the Elf triangle collection.

    A little fed up that I paid good money for this and it's a beta product at best.


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    Oh yeah... if you run out of bullets and cash... forget beating this level...

    It's like someone put the game together and said: "For the hardest setting, lets assfuck people so they want to put their head through the monitor because they're so frustrated at the game play mechanics".

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    Headmaster is a bit pissy on hard unless you realize the trick. Rifle Rifle Rifle. Always run on jet fuel, and when the boys are done screwing the girls, there's a health power up left behind in that spot. Just run over them. Anytime you are low on health, just spend the cycle on running around grabbing health. Once you have the rhythm down, you can roll over the headmaster through the entire level.

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    Yeah, I know... That's how I just finished it after 4 hours of playing. Now the bad-ass part is:

    I had 2300 ammo for my rifle. I was working on the cockmonsters and made it to the final boss. I died and after I respawned in the shop, I it showed only had 1 bullet left despite the fact that I died with 1300!!! I spent pretty much all of my money not realizing the count of the bullets wasn't going up... uuuuh what? I also saved after that... so now I have $4000 and I have to do the whole Cockmonster level with 800 bullets? I don't think so.

    This game seriously needs to get unfucked or the FRUSTRATION level needs to be dropped and the player not get knocked on his ass so much or at least give him the ability to knock the enemy on their ass like that... especially those two big cock fucking monsters that you can't knock back worth dick.

    This game isn't fun. It's funny... but it's a sack of frustration at the hard level. That is not a way to program a difficulty level. That's the lazy way to program it to be harder.

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    What Sly said in this game is very true.
    "It's not about how hard you hit, but how hard you get hit and move forward."

    I'm beginning to think I'm the only one who finds the SG/Cannon combo awesome. It's what I used when I played through hard mode. I guess it all boils down to technique, I suppose.

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    You make it sound like you can't go back to level 1 or just free roam to get money. (YOU CAN!)
    I love redheads & killing zombies!

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    No... I'm trying to explain that the devs didn't put much thought into the playability part of the game. Bonecraft essentially has 4 levels. Each round repeats, increasing in mind-numbing difficulty and unfair advantages. As other players have stated on the forums, you spend 90% of your time just trying to get up. You can't block the damage, you can't react to the damage (sometimes), and essentially become a punching bag.

    Theoretically, you should be able to upgrade things and have them become more useful. Well, if you upgrade one or two things, there's NOT enough cash to go around to upgrade other things. It seems you need to spend an extraordinary amount of time actually grinding away for cash. [spoiler]There's a asian sweat shop on a hill/mountain where money grows in the yard and the asian guys come out to drive you away and they drop cash as well.[/spoiler] But, you shouldn't have to grind in a game like this. There's only 4 levels to begin with, and to grind away in those really makes replayability about ZILCH.

    The game was released unfinished, period!
    01. Animations are not very fluid.
    02. Sounds are extremely limited.
    03. The gameplay difficulty and balance doesn't seem tested, AT ALL.
    04. General buggy behavior overall, e.g. Headmaster's rainbow arrow and other projectiles which hit you even if you don't physically get hit by them and you're 4 - 5 character lengths away.
    05. Tranny in the Elf Queen's palace uses the vaginal masturbation motion vs male masturbation.
    06. Overall animation of hands over breasts causes major clipping.
    07. Mouth movements do not match audio cues.
    08. Overall animations during sex and sexual responses are very limited and there are no randomizations of any kind.
    09. Actions for gameplay progress are severely limited and repetitive.
    10. Fembot changes appearance from bot to Orc girl halfway through Elf triangle hunt.
    11. Rifle ammo count drops to 1 after death and round reload when trying to kill the cock monsters.
    12. When issue 11 happens, ammo purchases not reflected. Money disappears, Ammo count does not go up.
    13. Inability to have sex with elf girls, during round 6 or 7 of the Headmaster mission.
    14. Ability to use Tab key to regen health only works after a successful attack on something.
    etc etc etc...
    The list goes on.

    When comparing this game to Bonetown, I must admit that Bonecraft is essentially just fucking and grinding away for cash. There's no thought to Bonecraft's gameplay at all and it was definitely not worth the money.

    I applaud the developers for taking a huge risk and bringing mature content to the gamer world. But, when a game gets released like this, it doesn't really help their credibility or support base.

    Bonetown at least was an open world. It had some vestige of non-repetitive game-play. Bonecraft... I can't even describe my disappointment.
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    Well sniperdoc, a couple of your issues I think you might have caused yourself. I've seen the bug with ammo and not being able to increase it. That happens when the gamefile gets screwed with and saved back with notepad or other windows text editor, not a UNIX FRIENDLY editor. Maybe you didn't edit your file. But if you used a cheat code, well--- I've seen that happen when cheat codes get used. Had it happen both ways when I was playing around with the game.

    First time it happened I didn't freak out about it. I was curious if the save file was lost forever, but I had made a copy so I wasn't worried about it. Went ahead and played the final battle, with 0 ammo and 0 fuel--- on normal. I had 3400 ammo and 1200 fuel when I beat the big meanie himself again, and my money had doubled. I DID get upset that when I got BACK from that mission, I had my ORIGINAL ammo, fuel and money back. It was weird, so I just restored my copy. BUT--- for an experienced player of this game, starting with no ammo and fuel is no big deal if he has upgraded his squaddies. But even without them, you can go get the super sword or other great HTH weapon and load up quickly.

    If you hadn't been messing about, then it was just bad luck you found that bug.

    As for the girls in mission 6 and 7--- hey, I screwed several of them. The trick is to get to the attacking girls when they aren't about to attack. In mission 7, I didn't find it worth the healing I got. It was better to let the squaddies get them, and grab the healing drops left behind.

    I think you switched your sexbot by accident and didn't realize it. But maybe you found a bug.

    You can block anything but the rainbow shots and rainbow short range attacks. You can do rainbow short range attacks if you get the elven super sword.

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    Unfortunately I didn't use a cheat code until AFTER the ammo incident. I didn't feel like grinding away for money so I just gave myself the max money cheat. As far as editing the save file. I didn't do that either. So, yeah... probably just the game being buggy.

    As far as the girls... yeah I got that tactic, but I was trying to make sure I had all the girls. I didn't say I could screw them at all. I just had a point, 2x as a matter of fact, where I was trying to screw them and they wouldn't... none of them would. I don't remember during which round it happened, but it definitely was one of those things where it felt like "ummm something isn't right here". I know about the girls starting their shooting pattern etc... it wasn't anything like that. Once I quit the game and restarted it that bug went away and came back one more time I think. Maybe I just muscled through it... I don't recall. Game's already shelved, replay value = zilch.

    Concerning the rainbow shots or even the large cockmonster shots... they're unblockable, correct. But, my concern was not the fact that they weren't unblockable... It's that they APPEAR to have an area of effect instead of point effect. But, there's not a hint that this is the case. There's no explosion, nothing to let you know "oh hey, you're still in the blast radius". You think you're out of the way, the projectile clearly misses you by about 5 - 6 character widths, and you still take damage. THAT gets really annoying.

    How do you switch your sexbot? I didn't see anything in the instructions/tutorial about this??

    Overall, this game was not ready for release, is a ball of frustration, and really doesn't help the adult game genre make a good case for making games like this more mainstream. Bonetown was WAY better.

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    Sexbot can be swapped by clicking on the girls in the left bar of the sex shop. As you play through and unlock them, you get more skins you can put her in. The arrows on the bottom of the sex shop will also rotate through the available skins.

    It really wasn't a grind to get all that gear, money, and ammo. It was a touch slow to start with, until I grabbed the first 4 ammo packs, but after that, it was just like regular play for me. You really build up a lot of drops from that mission.

    I think Bonetown would appeal to a broader audience, due to its exploration and player growth/reward mechanisms. Just exploring all of BT means you spend a lot longer on your first play through. However, I found BC to be a decent game, especially for one featuring animated sex. That aspect is where BC really stands out in the adult game industry.


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