View Full Version : Bonetown's Mini-Games

01-05-2012, 12:25 PM
How about taking the mini-games from BT & put them in BC.
Just change the rules alittle. Like banging 800lbs of Orc booty
in X amount of time. Or running around w/ other male orcs trying
to catch a chicken to eat like that mini-game in the indian reservation. I can hear that song from Benny Hill while they run around,LOL!
Chicken humor is very popular for some reason. I blame europe!

If u do add mini-games make sure the rewards are good.
$$$, unique girls, weapons,positions,outfits, fantasy room textures.
(It'd be kool if the fantasy room looked like the inside of Fort's ship!

01-05-2012, 04:16 PM
I'd love to see more mini-games, especially related to free roaming and boning. I think there are two place that something could easily be done.

1. The Asian farm. Instead of money, if you kill 10 farmers, then you get to bone the 18 year old Asian farmgirl.

2. The island of Trekkie: Kill 10 to bone their princess Leia or a green orion slave girl.

Also, the ship could have some kind of holo-erect chamber, with endless mini-game potential.

There are just a few ideas, and I posted a more detailed idea on Sex Bot 2.0. Anything that could be done to add diversity and length to BC would be great additions.