View Full Version : Can't login to Bonetown Homepage

12-30-2011, 10:20 AM
I know my password and username from the bonetown techsupport, but it doesn't work. My computer crashed and i lost all my data. I have buyed the digital version of bonetown and i can't download it again, because my login doesn't work. My Username is the same as here.

12-30-2011, 12:07 PM
You should be all good to go now! Please let us know if you have anymore issues.

01-02-2012, 12:11 PM
The same I can't log in. My User or password is incorrect.

01-02-2012, 03:17 PM
I found the issue, sorry bout that, I have fixed it and tested it.

01-03-2012, 03:31 AM
Thanks now it works but my account is closed and i can't download it again. How can i download it again?

01-04-2012, 06:46 PM
Sorry we had a few minor issues in the first couple of days but you should be all good to go, thank you for your patience.

01-17-2012, 01:22 PM
Same here can't login to the new website

01-17-2012, 11:28 PM
p.s you can remove FastLane505 my ISP is filtering my incoming e-mail. as for FastLane128 idk i cant get it to work because of my isp. FastLane128 has billing info. from the BT purchase.

02-07-2012, 09:26 PM
fastlane505 has been removed...